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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

T is for Telecoms-Truck with Telegraph-Poles for Telephone-Line

Marx, dime-store style, hard polystyrene truck with two clip-in telegraph poles on the roof!

That's it . . . it's a Marx, dime-store style, hard polystyrene truck with two clip-in telegraph poles on the roof!

You want more? . . . I was saving this to compare with the Merit telegraph poles, but they're different, the ones I think might be copies are the Lone Star Trebble-O Trains ones in sub-N-gauge, but they're in storage, so the comparison can wait a year or two and these images can sod-off out of Picasa and go to the Marx dongle! Also - what's with the hole in the roof? Almost like it's been designed for action figures!


Jan Ferris said...

Interesting you should make this post as I was just inventorying my model railroad gear and came across two brands of poles. I will make a post or two on these 1/87 poles.

Hugh Walter said...

I'd love to see that Jan - back in the day (when a model railway layout was nailed to a board painted with household emulsion!) they all had holes or these little side-cut-outs for picture-frame tacks and it's hard to work out who copied who, who was influenced by who and who was doing their own thing!