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Saturday, February 4, 2017

C is for Contribution Fortnight - IX - Novelty Chopsticks from Brian

Well, the title says it all, Brian sent these with the following line; "Seen in Chinatown, NYC, these plastic one piece children's chop sticks are delightfully colorful plastic tat." And I can't disagree with any of his points, they are colorful (you're going native Brian!) ahem . . . colourful plastic and they are delightful tat!

They remind me of the Iwaco erasers, but I suspect a less 'take-apart' more 'over-moulding' technique is involved? Loving the green Panda, the orange tiger looks the part and who didn't have a pink rabbit when they were little . . . you didn't? Sue you parents for mental cruelty, everyone had a pink rabbit! I assume they can be removed and stood next to your place setting?

Brian added; "They somehow cross the divide between toy and practical objects.". Yes, and like nite-lites, candles, 'phone-stands, plant-ties, bottle-stops or bog-brushes we love that sort of thing here at Smallscaleworld! I'm still looking out for the 3-Samurai glass-stand thing that was in Plastic Warrior magazine (I think) ages ago!

I will also assume NKM is the retail-outlet not the brand . . . and did you notice that the piggy-wiggies come in Mr. & Mrs. variants!

Thanks Brian - novel, charming and tat - bargain!


Jan Ferris said...

How about some General Tso's Kitten, I mean chicken.

Terranova47 said...

Hugh, When writing to the UK I automatically revert to the Queen's English for spelling. Unfortunately the latest e-mail software auto corrects spelling back to the US version and I don't always notice.

Jan, I'll look for General Tso's Kitten or Chicken next time I'm in Chinatown. You never know.

Regards, Brian

Hugh Walter said...

Jan - Are kitten-mittens the by-product!

Brian - You know I was only joking....?


Jan Ferris said...

Perhaps it could be a break-away product or a special prize for ordering so much in take-out.

Hugh Walter said...


....are you suggesting free kitten-mittens for overeater's?!!! This is one of those moments when you need the goggle-eyed emoticon!