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Friday, February 3, 2017

C is for Contribution Fortnight! - VIII - Commonwealth Street Light from Susan

Susan Chadwick sent me these next two images with a question...

"Great information on your blog about Commonwealth Plastics.  Very much appreciated.  I found your blog researching the Lamp Posts.  I have a Blue one that isn’t listed on your blog.  See attached.  Wonder if they made other colors…any idea of boxes for these items or how they were sold?  Were they sold as part of a kit? Thanks in advance."

To which my rather poor reply was...

"I'm guessing they were sold for model railways Susan? Sort of O or G gauge, 'carpet', tin-plate type, toy trains? But possibly for dolls houses? H"

But what are we on about?

It's a combined glow-in-the-dark street-light/lamp-post with street sign and mail-box. I've since remembered that there are some more on these somewhere on the Internet and after a bit of a search . . .

On Binn's Road Website It doesn't add much, but there are other colours! Meanwhile on a short-lived link (so copy it now if you need it) there's this on Terapeak with its original envelope/label!

Thanks for the pictures Susan.


Jan Ferris said...

Very interesting find. Can I please make a post?

Hugh Walter said...

By all means Jan - eMail me, but put it on your blog - it's quite eclectic?