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Monday, February 20, 2017

F is for Follow-up to Unknown Metal Posts

Hopefully Tim/Gisby will be happy this has been posted, even as the large scale plastics purists groan and wander off to see if there's anything new on Treefrog!

A quick follow-up post to the Unknown Metal posts of January, stuff which got missed, turned-up elsewhere, turned-up in the Napoleonic box (forthcoming posts), or; in the case of the train-crew bag - turned-up in Picasa, where they'd been al along as I edited the other posts!

First-up is this one seen in those previous posts; as there was some debate last time, so I've tried to get the base across a bit better this time, and the fact that he still looks like a 'backwoodsman' rather than being from the Indian Campaigns.

I suspect 2A is a touristy thing with its chromium-finish, but is it pirated from a gaming figure? 2B seems to be an Italieri/Zvezda home-cast, but might it be a from a commercial release?

2C is obvious (Les Higgins?), but unmarked so a confirmation would be nice! The rest are probably requiring a wild guess or two, but the diminutive Roman type might be ID'able!

All gun barrels look the same so not much hope on the top row, but you never know, and the last one on the right of the line-up (3F) is turned brass which may trip someone's memory? While 3A is so small it must be from a fort, or a Russian tank commander! Any ideas?

3G is probably a Minifigs - going on the code and what we learnt in Jan., but again I can't get its letters to make sense - North F*****g Africa Horse-substitute? So help needed please!

The distinctive underside should help ID this complete gun kit, if you are familiar with it, as will the 'sprulettes' on the ends of the axle?

Siege artillery, crude; so early medieval? Or cast-iron; so ships gun? Minifigs? No markings of any kind.

Set of railway accessories in the upper shot, we had no real feedback from that quarter last time, so probably not regulars to the Blog, although I know some drop in from time to time so if you're visiting a few years hence (from the publishing date) you can still comment, every little snippet of info. helps!

The lower two shots are a tool set on a table top, legs missing and probably home painted, but - hobby wise - railway layout or model-car accessories? And; who's the maker?

All the same maker I think, but the 'V5' (7B) seems to be incomplete and part of a larger wagon, although it could be a wheeled battering-ram (with very big wheels!).

The marks aren't on the castings, but were on a handwritten-note in my own hand, so they may originally have come with similar notes - some of this stuff goes back decades now!

Latecomers; 2 15mm AWI (8A) in with the Nappies, a train-crew (8B) I photographed years ago and which were sat quietly in Picasa the whole time I was pushing the January posts around and some waiters (8C) carrying silver trays which I think might be Wardie/Mastermodels, but confirmation is sort - before labeling! Note that some are wearing white shoes!


Terranova47 said...

Gun Barrel 3B if an inch long and plastic may be the RIPMAX? accessories from the late 50's. It was on a black plastic carriage of Napoleonic era suitable for Nelson's flagship, or the Merit kit Junk or Galleon.

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

8 and 8a are Peter Laing 15mm figures from his 'Tricorn' range , Tony

Paul´s Bods said...

I´ve got a couple of metal Italeri/zvezda kniggits, same poses etc. Exactly who made them I can´t remember but as far as I know it was someone over here..they also "copied" some of the Accurate/revell bods as well.
The cannon Barrels ? Kinder suprise or most possibly from one of those week by week, build the Victory by buying 1000 copies of "What a mugs game Magazine"

CKPR said...

The headstones are indeed from the model railway world and look like the set by GEM (George E Mellor), which have been available on and off since at least the early 1980s

Hugh Walter said...

Bog thanks to everyone for their input. The gun-barrels are all lead/white-metal with the exception of the turned-brass one (3F), so it's the difficult prospect of matching the reinforcing bands, finials and handles to known examples!

Thanks on the graves CKPR, will amend their bag! Thank you Mr Svjek, useful stuff, they are just 'small' to me!

Paul - yes, I've got some very commercial-looking factory-painted (?) metal Russians which came from Esci moulds - and which I suspect should have a name, but we've looked at them here before I think. Also in storage I have a couple of ridged fronted plastic rack-toy type sets with metal Nappies from the East somewhere, but never got round to annotating them into the files....which are themselves in storage! And anyway - I think they were unique sculpts?

Hey Ho!

Hugh Walter said...

Big Thanks too!


Hugh Walter said...

Tim posted these on another post by accident....


Gisby said...

Picture 3 - OX

Minifigs S range
Artillery Animals
NFAH 1s Limber Horse
NFAH 2s Pack Horse
NFAH 3s Ox
February 21, 2017 at 1:12 PM
Gisby said...

Picture 5: Minifigs, Medieval but damned if I know which one in the range.

I actually own several. and if I find one I'll have a look
February 21, 2017 at 1:17 PM
Gisby said...

Picture 8

The plastic guy is Airfix ASAAF Personnel

February 21, 2017 at 1:22 PM
Gisby said...

Picture 4 - Those are minifigs wheels... And the axles on the site show signs of having spruelettes clopped off.

I suspect it's
NFA 4 British 9lb Field Gun
NFA 11 British 6lb Field Gun

But I could be wrong
February 21, 2017 at 1:29 PM

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Tim, I know you'd have some ideas! And the Ox confirms I HAVE learned something in the last few weeks!

So NFAH means 'Not Fully an Artillery Horse'!