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Thursday, February 9, 2017

News, Views Etc . . . PW Show Date

I can be a real horse's cock sometimes! I have the next article for Contribution Fortnight, but ran out of time editing it yesterday, so was going to have a big session today with the Blog (I've some Airfix up-dates as well!), but have just got here (Internet place!) without my power-lead's 'second bit', so I've fifty-one minutes (and counting . . . down!) to do all my eMailing etc...with a rather dark power-save screen!

As I had promised Paul at Plastic Warrior Magazine I'd post his news as soon as I'd finished the contribution 'season', and given that a hiatus is as good as an ending . . .

. . . the show dates for Plastic Warrior are confirmed and the poster has gone out!

Feel free to pinch and re-post! Full details are available and/or new information will appear first at the following places:

Or keep an eye on Brian's Blog - The old website is to be run-down/retired.

Normal service should be resumed tomorrow, but the 'best laid plans...' and all that; there may be a gap 'till Tuesday . . . Doh!

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