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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Y is for Yummy!

It's not often that I get a 'Y' in the header, and not often that we look at edible figural, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone!

The only question is, why didn't I use that excuse to use a 'Y' on one of the previous occasions we looked at such things - the human mind is quite a retarded instrument n'est pas?

But then our brains have apparently got smaller, while Stegosaurus had a larger one . . . I'm 'binge' watching Life on Earth as a retro treat!

Haribo - who knew; they have names!

Anybody who's watched the movie, knew, Hugh! Due to vagaries I won't bore you with, I ended-up with a bunch of stuff intended for someone else after Christmas, among which was a bag of Minion jelly-chews - Actually the second bag of Minion jelly-chews I've imbibed in my few short years here on planet Earth!

They're a bit one dimensional really,
but very tasty, especially Bob!

Private Baldrick's moustaches! I also ended-up with a bag of snakes, they didn't have names but are probably a bunch of Pennsylvanians! They are a no-particular-brand, generic, type thing - the snakes that is . . . !


Gisby said...

Picture 3 - OX

Minifigs S range
Artillery Animals
NFAH 1s Limber Horse
NFAH 2s Pack Horse
NFAH 3s Ox

Gisby said...

Picture 5: Minifigs, Medieval but damned if I know which one in the range.

I actually own several. and if I find one I'll have a look

Gisby said...

Picture 8

The plastic guy is Airfix ASAAF Personnel


Gisby said...

Picture 4 - Those are minifigs wheels... And the axles on the site show signs of having spruelettes clopped off.

I suspect it's
NFA 4 British 9lb Field Gun
NFA 11 British 6lb Field Gun

But I could be wrong