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Friday, March 31, 2017

E is for Erwin Watch - Res not Basa

Back in October I warned the hobby that a chap (Erwin Sell - for it is he!) was running around making things up as he went along, I further suggested, after carefully pulling various of his lumps of bullshit apart (a nasty job but someone has to do it) that he was a fake, a phony and a fraud.

It's come to my notice that he has been running around telling people that the above figure - a sub-scale copy of one of the old Coma (Co-Ma, Co Ma, CO MA . . . whatever!) Romans - is made by the Peruvian company of Basa. Just as with his earlier waxing lyrical about visits to Blue Box factories; in order to provide false provenance for his tall-tales about that company, he dressed the announcement up with a report of correspondence between the owners of Basa and himself. Now I don't doubt that he might have contacted the company, but they didn't tell him they made these figures . . .

. . . they couldn't have, as they got them from Res Plastics - being as how they were a major importer/wholesaler and retailer! Even the figures Erwin uses to illustrate his fairy-tale can clearly be seen to be wearing the RP moniker! I'm sure other people carried them, but they were made in Italy, not Peru!

You would have thought now he's moved to banging-on about things still extant or easily lifted from Forum Gratuit (and similar sources) such as Dulcop  that he'd improve,  indeed he mentioned Res only the other day, you'd think he might recognise their logo on his 'Basa', yet . . . no . . . 

. . . he's happier making it up as he goes along - again.

Following information from the staff at Plastic Warrior magazine there will be an update and full apology on the inaccuracies in this post, not as large as a whole port facility, but nonetheless not what you expect from me!All posts currently in edit were uploaded a week or so ago, the update will be in another week or so - I'm not really here at the moment!

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