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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

T is for Trends

I'm showing these before the 'Plunder Posts' as if I did them afterwards, you would have seen them all once, but if I do them first they will be somewhat hidden in the plunder shots next time and it won't be so repetitive!

As I wander round the show grabbing stuff and 'making-up' round numbers from rummage bins, I'm not always paying that much attention to everything that's ending up in the plunder bags, also with people bringing me mixed bags of all-sorts, it's only when I sort it all over the Sunday after the show that a few trends or verisimilitudes show themselves as things 'go together'. These are a few of this years -

Pencil Tops; who'dve thunked I'd end up with six pencil tops! The Rabbit was a make-weight from someone's 50p tray, the Andy Pandy and Luby Lou were from a small tub of mostly circus stuff Adrian Little brought for me while I think the two 50p tray Biro's (you have to put your thumb in her crotch to click the Biro!) are a current or recent kids TV nature show and Peter Bergner's rummage-bins gave-up the purple Gnome (back in fashion - see 'News, Views . . . ' passim) who has a tight-fit PVC tube or cup, with an eyelet for a chain or string to hang the writing utensil or your choice, round your neck.

He then stars again in another small grouping along with a very small Gnome, probably removed from a snow-globe or similar 'Touristica', while the large one may be bisque, may be terracotta, may be composition, but his paint is so thick and all-covering I'd have to damage him to satisfy my curiosity - so I'll just stay curious! He's quite heavy, but not metal, and he's not too cold to the touch, so I suspect composition.

I also ended-up with a lot of early Airfix, most or all of it from Adrian (Mercator Trading) but at different times during the show as I spotted them. They will all be filtered onto the relevant posts on the Airfix blog at some point.

The real surprise was the amount of fish I ended-up with - at a 'Toy Soldier' show! I'd bought 4 different ones from Peter B's 50p bins (the Japanese blow-moulded goldfish, the modern eraser-type purple-rubber, blow-fish, the unpainted ethylene pipe-fish and the painted ethylene Hong Kong dolphin) when I started finding the painted ones in a huge bag of rack-toy tat Peter Evan's sold me (for next to nothing), the more I dug, the more turned-up until I had another six fish, and a giant crab!

I think they are mostly copies of old US mould-sculpts from the 1960/70's but will have to check with Kent Sprecher's Toy Soldier HQ website (where you find all this stuff), in the meantime I had bought a set of day-glow fish, and have a few un-blogged ones kicking around somewhere, so we may have a more in-depth post on these at some point in the not too distant future - if we do - I'll try to remember to shoot these from the other side!

I also ended up with the little tub of Circus mentioned above courtesy of Adrian, to which I managed to add the Crescent seal from somewhere, along with a couple of extra Crescent horses from Trevor Rudkin's bags and another Maysun ringmaster, he has very poor paint and I already have a better one, but again I was making-up a round-number from a 50p tray and marked HK from that era is uncommon.

The blue lion-tamer is a mystery, he's a dense PVC plastic of the type early Heimo or Corgi used from time to time, has probably been cut out of a bigger base and then super-glued to another diorama or vignette so a bit mucked-about with, but - the first example so he stays for now, also he's obviously expecting trouble from one of his cats as he's carrying a gun!

The yellow chap is unmarked but I suspect Gem or Festival from the George Musgrave styling, I have a tatty one (also yellow) juggling balls? The rest are HK copies of Crescent with the exception of the tall girl who is from another HK set - I already had a similar male.

In the same tub came these, I have a few more in storage, and there is a similar set of carol singers, and while Gem/Festival is the favoured option again, they too are unmarked and someone, somewhere (in the hobby) has linked them to Spain but I can't remember who, where or when - One Inch Warrior magazine? They are about 28mm and I think the green clowns are missing something; a barrel or hoop to roll-in; ball to balance-on maybe, or something for or joining their hands together?

Thanks to Adrian, Peter E and Trevor for the bits they saved for me.


Anonymous said...

Yay, the fish in the middle is in transgender pride flag colours. Must be because Chelsea Manning is finally free!

Hugh Walter said...

Indeed it is - so it must be!

H ;-)