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Monday, February 12, 2018

F is for Fair Lady, Foam, Fakes, Fat Fellows and Finger Flyerz

A round-up of the other super hero stuff which has come in since the last season, even as other things were slotting into the queue, and most from Brian. We'll look at them pretty-much as they came in, and I'll tack one on the end, we're mostly looking at the 'novelty' end of the spectrum today!

I'm loving this! Brian sent this back in January and it was destined to hang around for probably a few months waiting for a 'superheroes season', little did I know how quickly it would pile-up, but . . . it's chocolate! It's coloured chocolate; in the [quite svelte] likeness of Wonder Woman; it's too cool for l'Eccole Chocolatier! It's only five dollars that side of the pond, this side we can only hope!

This was Mr. Berke's immediate response to the weird flying superman thing the other day, puking superheroes, whose spit - cleans kids! Bleargh! Oh god, why didn't we have this stuff when we were young? We got Matey bubble-bath, who dispensed from under his hat, which you had to remove first! If it's three-in-one, do the kids end-up with glowing, shiny-skin?

Almost as cool as full-colour chocolate.

Also from Brian; this seems to represent a bit of a swizz for our North American neighbours as I'm sure they are the same as the ones we've had over here for a decade or more now, which always come with small-scale 'mini-me' clones (looked at again the other day LINK), but not supplied here? It sort of makes sense, but weather you can get the little ones over there (on a very small card!) I don't know; but I doubt?

Scratch-that - no link; this is the 33 post with a 'Super Heroes' tag (that's a lot of superheroes, you'd think the world would be in a better state than it is!), but we haven't looked at the figures I was sure we had! I'll remedy that ASAP!

Mr. B recently found these, and they look like a few similar things seen at the Toy fair and called Funko (or by Funko, it wasn't clear and several stands were carrying them or similar things), basically deforms or super-deforms, they're really 'big-heads' or big-head deforms!

If you like key-rings or like super heroes, they are fun! Covered in the two shots are DC, Marvel and Disney, and I think I've seen other TV-related stuff in the new kidult pop-up in Basingrad . . . Breaking Bad, Zombies, that sort of thing.

Thanks to Brian for all the above.

I tacked this on the end of the contributions just to clear the current superhero stuff from the laptop. Sold/imported by TKC Sales and seen at the Toy Fair, they seem to be almost as mad as the foam-wing Superman 'spinner' thing we saw the other day. Probably soon to be rendered obsolete by budget, novelty-drones doing more for the same money!

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