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Thursday, February 1, 2018

K is for Kaskey Kids

So; following-on from the last post, Brian also sent these other sports related sets from Kaskey Kids, as they are only shelfies of the tubs I'll keep blurb to a minimum, thanks as always to Mr. Berke.

Basketball Guys; this is the one most likely to appeal to a wider audience, as it's a more international sport, like the footballers we looked at last time.

Only three poses plus referee and accessories, I don't get the blue skin at all, and while they are quite well painted, they would benefit from a experts brush, if only to add character to quite smooth or blobby sculpting?

Baseball guys, a more US-centric set, with at least six poses, although only one or two of some. Blue and orange?

Now . . . I wouldn't say I'm a fan of American carry-ball, but A) it's sad to hear of its demise due to the vast amount of brain-damage research-results coming out, coupled with the lack of a real cure or prevention, and B) These are definitely the best of the bunch sculpt-wise as the helmets and distinctive kit (needing better sculpting) make them the most realistic, and they would paint-up something awesome!

Possibly four player poses and referee? I may not be a fan, but of the three sets here, these are the ones I'd buy first, sadly they're not being imported as far as I know? Note that while the basketball and baseball guys are quite poor sculpts the footballers were as well detailed as these, and had better head sculpts than the other two sets.

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