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Monday, March 26, 2018

F is for First Bee . . . Not!

Actually it's the second, I saw my first flying bee about three weeks ago, even as the weather was closing in for the 'Beast from the East' (and the bloody 'i' ran with 'Snowmageddon', as I had predicted someone would in a post earlier that week - Grace Dent; shame on you!), it was a little black one with an 'international orange' bum, and it shot into a land-drainage pipe, set in a retaining wall outside an office building, so fast I didn't have a chance to photograph it.

This was the first of several today (Saturday 24th March), but it had been shut in the little greenhouse unnoticed, yesterday and was looking a bit weak, so I placed it on the daff' for a feed in the hope it would regain its strength and fly home.

They don't always go down the trumpet, I photographed this one in 2009, and you can see it's made one hole already in the back of the Daffodil, and is busy making another, I believe it had also felled the flower by cutting though the stalk first, in order to have a more stable 'breakfast bowl'? They suck the nectar straight from the reservoir - The vandals!

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