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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

T is for There Were Other Colour's Available!

Black (always the baddies, the baddie cowboys always had black denim!), white, green . . . errrr . . . blue; I think there was a blue one!

Captain Scarlet? Meet Captain Scarlet . . . 
. . . Scarlet? Meet the Scarlet's!

Three iconic sculpts of an icon. Gerry Anderson don't you know . . . I'm struggling to find blurb here; have you noticed?

Because it's all in the image really. And while you don't need 400 words (it'd take an idiot to subscribe to software that might come out with crap like that in the first-place!), you do need enough 'blurb' to let Google know what the imagery is all about; if you want it included in search results . . . as I'm not that bothered - that'll do for this post!

Did I mention Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet? Personally; I think the Carlton-licensed PVC/vinyl Weetabix one is the best; the Timpo one is a bit wooden and the action figure is, well - a doll.

♩♪♫  Captain Scarlet - INDESTRUCTABLE!♩♪♫


Paul´s Bods said...

Indestructable? I put this Claim to the test. I set fire to mine. Turns out he´s Not quite as indestructable as the song claimed.

Hugh Walter said...

Ah . . . but what happened to his soul? Feeling haunted? Catch a molten-plastic burn, clearing up the mess? feel safe in the bath? You're on borrowed time! How could you!!!!