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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

F is for Follow-up - Rubber Capsule Toys

When I popped into that party shop up at Clapham Junction back at the end of January, among the Henbrandt and other bits I grabbed were these two, who are useful only for showing how this stuff 'does the rounds'.

Silicon'rubber 'streatchimal' reptiles, one - a snake - in Henbrandt pack, the other - a lizard - in Giftworks packing, both animals were in both packs in the dispensing tub, but no other sculpts were to be found, although I suspect there is a larger selection in the whole 'set' somewhere?

They are both in that clammy, cold silicon which feels wet; but isn't, and both have the same metallic finish as the Henbrandt and/or Tobar/Hawkin's Bazaar stretchy robots and dinosaurs previously seen here at Small Scale World.

Below them is a spare Henbrandt alien I found in a box of something else for 50p the other day. The second time (previous was a blue egg-head with a squished hand) it's happened; but different venue - I suspect there was a bit of horseplay going on in a warehouse somewhere, and the aliens found their way into other stock boxes as 'incoming' in a surreptitious war between the 'Days' and 'Back-shift' or just between two packing-lines!

This has been sitting around for ages, and isn't all of them - as the other Henbrandt's are missing - the Tobar (top four) differ from the Henbrandt offering in having no paint, all four came from Hawkin's Bazaar.

Paint differences also show with the various smilies out there, some having only eyes - previously tested to destruction! There are also size differences, as these are all from 20p capsule dispensers, clearly some are slightly more value for money than others!

The image also shows how they are stored - with notes where similar figures are in the same bag - and it indicates how the capsule-toy stretchy-aliens and smilies are gathering for the invasion!


Abella Rez said...

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Hugh Walter said...

And the ducks follow the bison to the South . . . with hats on, Abella.


Jan Ferris said...

c’était un prêté pour un rendu

Hugh Walter said...

Heh-heh! We get so little spam these days Jan, it's almost entertaining when we do!