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Thursday, October 4, 2018

A is for Archive - BBI Elite Command

Not their finest hour!

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The Elite Command sets of Romans, Napoleonics and ACW were reasonable if slightly wooden or static sculpting, but most of these WWII figures are pretty dreadful! The six 'Classic' figures on the bottom row are obviously by a different sculptor (or sculptors?) and are much improved, in sculpting, posing and finish; they are also harder to find on evilBay!

Marshals' Rommel and Eisenhower manage to hold a little gravitas by dint of having most of their person and/or detailing covered with greatcoats, but the other three look like clowns dressed-up as famous generals/officers! The American grenade-thrower's all right I suppose, but the kneeling guy? He looks like he's never seen a rifle before!


tomholio said...

Favourite here is the kneeling GI, holding his rifle like he's up to some diy repair work round the house 'ill just get it level then bung some nails in'. Bet they were asking top dollar for these too?

Hugh Walter said...

That's it Tomolio! Glue-gun!

They were reasonable when they first came out as they were toy priced against the idiot money or Figarti and K&C, but dealers have decided they should be expensive in the fifteen-to-twenty or so years since their commercial issue!