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Friday, January 4, 2019

News, Views Etc . . . Forthcoming Events

It's that time again! Quite a lot on this week and we have the first auction of the New Year, it's only bloody 2019 'aint'it! Where the f**k did that come from? Ahhhh! Someone glued it to the arse-end of 2018 . . . and what a shitter that was, one would hope this one will be better, but the omens aren't good, not good at all!

I can remember wondering if I'd ever see the year 2000, and that's years ago - at this rate and with the wonders of technology; 2100's looking good for a death-bed scene, not sure the early Cherilea will make it that far, so better get them all on t'Line!

2019 may see more activity on the A-Z Blogs and/or the Airfix and Hong Kong Blogs, but I haven't really got a plan yet . . . while I think . . . ok . . . while I watch the LoTR boxed set (over six hours of extras!), here's the show list for the coming week, and as it's not yet 12th Night, the Christmas Star column-dividers can have one more outing!

Note - Some price rises.

Toy Fairs

Saturday 5th January 2019
Cardiff - Chris Dyer Fairs
Penarth Leisure Centre, Andrew Road, Cogan, Cardiff, CF64 2NS.
Web. - www.chrisdyerfairs.co.uk
Tel. - 01643 702 757
Mob. - 07966 694 579
Admission [probably] £2

Romford - SRP
North Romford Community Centre, 32 Clock House Lane, Collier Row, Romford, Essex, RM5 3QJ
Tel. - 07739 998 012 (Paula or Gerry)
10:00 - 12:00hrs
Admission charge unknown

Sunday 6th January 2019

Bolton - Barry Potter / BP Fairs - 'Macron'
The Premier Suite, Macron Stadium, Bolton, Lancashire, BL6 6SF
Tel. - 01604 846 688
Mob. - 07966 527 177
[Probably] 10:30 - 15:00hrs
Admission £4.00 (up 50p), early-bird £8, (from 08:00hrs, up £1), OAP's £3.50 (up 50p), children £1
Free parking

Eastbourne - Robert Horscraft - Eastbourne Toy & Model Collectors Fair
East Dean Village Hall, East Dean, East Sussex, BN20 0DR
Internet presence unknown
Tel. I - 01323 899 879
Tel. II - 01424 846 676
Hours unknown
Admission £1.50, under-12's free
Free Parking, refreshments,

Falkirk, Scotland - McLaren Models
Tel. - 01324 624 102

Midhust - SRP Fairs
The Grange, Bepton Road, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9HD
Tel. - 07739 998 012 (Paula or Gerry)
[Probably] 10:00 - 14:00hrs
Admission charge unknown

Potters Bar - Toy & Train Fairs (Peter Levison)
Elm Court Centre, Mutton Lane, Potters Bar, hertfordshire, EN6 3BP
Internet presence unknown
Tel. - 01282 051 518 (Peter or Diane)
10:30 - 14:30hrs
Admission charge unknown

Spalding - J&J Fairs (John & Julie Webb)
Springfields Events & Conference Centre, Camelgate, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 6ET
Tel. - 01522 880 383
10:00 - 14:30hrs
Admission - Adult £2.50p, seniors £2, 1st child £1.50p

Swindon - Retro Ronnie
Swindon Town Football Club, County Ground, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 2ED
Mob. I - 07708 385 061
Mob. II - 07900 266 427
Hours unknown
Admission charge unknown

Walsall - Transtar Promotions (Geoff & Linda Price)
Oak Park Active Living Centre, Coppice Road, Walsall Wood,, Walsall, West Midlands, WS9 9BH
Tel. - 01922 643 385
10:30 - 15:00hrs
Admission £1.80p, seniors £1.50p, child £1

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Hook - Steven Clements Fairs - Hook Evening Fair
Hook Community Centre, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9NN
Tel. - 01380 725 322
Mob. - 07958 101 891
18:30 - 21:30hrs
Admission £1
Free parking

Wednesday 9th January 2019
Hertford - Joe Lock Fairs (Evening Fair)
Richard Hale School, Hale Road, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG13 8EN
Internet presence unknown
Mob. - 07866 641 215
Admission £1


Monday 7th January 2019

Lewis - Wallis and Wallis
West Street Galleries, Lewis, Sussex, BN7 2NJ
Tel. - 01273 480 208
Fax. - 01273 476 562

Other Events

07973 885 754; 10:00hrs - Finish; 27A The Grove; Announcements; Aviation Antiques; Aviation Memorabilia & Militaria; Biggin Hill; Books; Children under 10 free; Control Tower Visits; CR9 4LT; Croydon; Croydon Airport; davidsutton16@aol.com; eMail; For Traders; Hallmark Hotel; Kent; Military Aviation and Model Collectors Fair; Mobile Phone; News Views Etc; News Views Etc...; Organiser; Purley Way; Small Scale World; smallscaleworld.blogspot.com; Surrey; TN16 3TA; Toy Fair; Toys & Models; Venue - near IKEA; www.hallmarkhotels.co.uk/our_hotels/croyden/location;
Croydon Airport - Military, Aviation and Model Collectors Fair
Hallmark Hotel, Purley Way, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 4LT (venue - near IKEA)
27A The Grove, Biggin Hill, Kent, TN16 3TA (organiser)
Mob. - 07973 885 754 (for traders - Aviation Antiques)
10:00hrs - Finish
Admission price unknown - children under 10 free
Control tower visits, aviation memorabilia & militaria, books, toys & models

If you are an event promoter/show curator/auctioneer and you want your toy, model, collectable or popular-/youth-culture type sale/exhibition/event listed here - FOR FREE - or linked to; please eMail me -


- stating the date/s of the event, address of event, contact details, opening/viewing times, admission pricing and any other relevant facts/details or features - parking, travel notes, disability access, availability of refreshments, event subject matter &etc.

And please mention any flyer-art or poster-/leaflet-scans but send by separate eMail, in case they go to the 'junk' folder, from where they can be recovered and marked safe, but only if I know they're there!

Dark Force; Dark Side; Firefly; Grosvenor Consumer Products; High Ridge Brands; Imperial Stormtrooper; News Views Etc; News Views Etc...; Sith Lords; Small Scale World; smallscaleworld.blogspot.com; Soap On A Rope; Soap-on-a-rope; Star Wars; Stormtrooper Toy;
The. Best. Christmas. Present . . . since the last one! It's a soap-on-a-rope Imperial Stormtrooper from Star Wars! I didn't even know they still did soaps-on-ropes! Too cool for Starship School. It's from the same Firefly/Grosvenor Consumer Products (High ridge Brands in the USA) as the 'Trooper tooth-brush Peter Evans sent the Blog's way, back in May . . . or was it May '17? The dork force is strong in this one!

To be said uttered in a guttural voice by Tommy Vance's ghost . . . or Morgan Freeman . . .

"I am become the Sudth Lord, destroyer of dirt, look upon my works ye mucky-filth and despair!"

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