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Thursday, September 10, 2020

G is for Gone

Katie-Cat has passed away.

She went to the vets for a check-up at 8:30 yesterday morning, was released, groggy but with a clean bill of health at 4:30, got into difficulties at about five past ten, and was dead by twenty-past.

I was with her, Mum was with her and her son was with her, we could do nothing. I think she chocked on something left inside her by the Vets, and while I've now googled the Heimlich maneuver for cats, I didn't know it last night. She was young and fit and healthy (apart from the occasional cough she's had) and has left a huge hole in everything here.

She will be buried latter today in one of her favourite boxes, in which she has spent the night.

I'm in no mood to post anything else.


Harry Palmer said...

Condolences Hugh. Shared my home with more than a dozen cats over the years, you get close. It takes some getting over.

Chris Smith said...

Sorry for your loss, condolences to you and yours.

Uncle Brian said...

Please accept my condolences for your loss. The little furry buggers do become part of the family, so it is hard when they pass.

jah said...

I can only offer my condolences. Such sad news can not say anything that could help

Andy B said...

Much saddened.

Dan said...

Sorry for your loss - it is always hard to lose a faithful companion who becomes an important part of your life.

Spectrum Steve said...

So Sorry to read this Hugh, We had two cats for many years and after Our oldest passed away we couldn't face having more, the loss was just to great. But that said there comes a time when all that comes to mind are the happy memories. And she does have internet immortality now so others can see her and smile as we did.

Doug said...

I’m sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences.

EY said...

A sad event. My condolences.

Hugh Walter said...

Thank you all very much, it was a shock and no mistake. Over the years we've lost lots of cats, some with warning; old age or cancer, some equally suddenly; traffic or (once) a snake, but she had inveigled her way into our hearts with subtlety, and her loss, while bearable now - over a week later - was awful at the time.

Spectrum - there are still a few shots in the queue, they will be hard posts to write.

I thank you all again, there will be a muted ITLAPD tomorrow if I get a grip tonight.