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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

L is for Loxley; Robin of Loxley

These are the Marx figures in both sizes, side-by-side, while I say 'Marx', my 54mm are all the later Rubinstein issue of the 'Canada' marked cereal premiums, believed to be copies of the Marx set.

The Robin Hood figures are the two in the middle, the blue figure being Will Scarlet and the left hand figure - although looking like a vague scale-up of the 54mm Robin - has no name, so should be a 'man-at-arms' or Merry Man!

Little John and Friar Tuck are represented in both sets , I prefer the 60mm example as the 54 mil one is not fat enough! Come-on guys...he needs another couple of stone before you can put 'Friar Tuck' on the base!

The Sheriff - bad at being good, good at being bad! And Mr Loxley's paramour; Maid Marion, although the suspicion is - she was no 'maid'; snuggling up in the woods with a sweaty hero? Please!

The only other figure in either set to have a title is the 'Minstrel' (technically 'Alan a'Dale') from the 54mm set, a useful pose for many a 54mm medieval project, not least King Richard's boyfriend (Blondel) hanging around outside castles!

Merry men including two horn blowers, there is a pairing between the two sets up to this point, and while they are never the same some are quite close, Maid Marion for instance and the sculpting is similar enough to suggest the same sculptor, but a few years apart as while he has returned to the old set for inspiration, there is an improved skill shown in the smaller set best seen in the better animation of the figures...

...and the extra four poses. No equivalents for these four were to be found in the larger set. I tend to think of the falling pose an an alternative Robin.

Missing as named characters are Much (the Miller's son) and Nazir/Azeem (the modern PC additions) for the good guys and Guy of Gisborne for the baddies.

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Hugh Walter said...

Turns-out the big (US) ones where issued (as re-issues) by Rado/Ri-Toys!