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Friday, May 3, 2013

News, Views etc...Plastic Warrior Show - next available morning!

Don't forget - tomorrow is PW's 28th Plastic Toy Soldier Show in South West London. I've spoken to several people in the last three weeks who are really looking forward to it, one of whom is familiar with the venue and thinks it's very good, so lets make it the best ever...be there or be...err...somewhere else!

And...freebies for little people...

My 'Tuskers' t-shirt is getting a little long-in-the-tooth these days, so I will be in mufti (scrufti!) with a Segway/BAESystems baseball cap if you want to come over and give me a hard time about something!!

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Paul´s Bods said...

It´s in twickenham!!! Damm...two weeks too early for me.:-(

Maverick Collecting said...

Sorry Dude - I eMailed you, I thought you'd be over here for it?!