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Thursday, May 9, 2013

S is for Shamber's, no shambles!

The old TimMee M48 (among other things) has been re-issued and a blog has been set-up to keep people apace with ongoing developments here; TimMee Army, however; partly to prove that the British sounding aspect of the Beverly post (below this one) could be a red herring, here's another British sounding name which is definitely Spanish in make and marketing (there's a couple of their pieces on FleaBay at the moment), here is a different take on the TimMee tank...

...a push-and-go fly-wheel motor! This is clearly the Tim Mee tank, even down to the two little cut-outs below the radiator grill under the rear deck, except it's marked Shamber's. I guess they got the superstructures from Tim Mee and mated them to their own belly-pan? Or maybe they got to borrow the moulds in one of these 1-on/11-off deals? Shamber's seem to have been a bit like Baravelli in Italy or Exin (also Spanish) in bying-in stuff from elsewhere and/or re-badging, while also carrying a bit of Hong Kong rack-toy stuff.

Anyway, it's an improvement on the Fairylite/Jimson copy of the Airfix/Cohn M40-something and at around 1:48th scale, will sit well next to that one and the Raphael Lipkin Conqueror. Apologies for the dust, but I was clearly too keen to get it blogged! And I love the colour, like some late Beton figures, a rich golden olive-green.

[Added 13-05-2013] I suppose I should have shown the dratted motor having mentioned it! So here it is, along with a shot of the underside of the turret which is very similar to the Airfix/T Cohn/Jimson ones. Compare the riveting of the motor-body with the TAT Bren-gun Carrier (post above), it would appear that the Spanish company bought-in the motors from the Far East?


Paul´s Bods said...

Has the look of the old Airfix tanks about it.

Maverick Collecting said...

Yes, it's very similar to the 2nd version Patton by Airfix, both M48A1/2's I believe, it's hard to give a toy like this a closer designation as there were a myriad sub-versions and retro-fitting of upgrades...

Patton's - lots uv'em!

...but both more accurate than the earlier pair, copied by Jimson in 1:48th scale.


Poacher said...

Always thought they were bigger! Maybe that is because I was much smaller?

Memory plays tricks. :-)


Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Chrissie...everything was bigger when we were little...hell I can eat a Black Forest Gateau so fast these days they MUST be smaller!!