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Monday, December 16, 2013

C is for Corgi Circus

We briefly dipped into the circus figures the other day looking at those BTS resin things from Hastings or wherever it was! The Corgi Circus has been one of their longest running successes, from the Chipperfield's branded sets of the early 1960's through to the Jean Richard circus set of 1978. Quite a few were also re-issued in the recent Corgi flood years, although I think figures were either thin on the ground or poured-metal 'Corgi Classics'?

The later figures top left are a styrene human cannon-ball'ess flanked by two 54mm vinyl characters, the clown replacing the earlier model, then; a diver from a set we'll be looking at again in a day or so.

The smaller unpainted polypropylene girl with the ring is from a 'Dolphinarium' (on a lorry!), the horses are common as they came six (or 8?) to a set with a circus horse-box, while the elephant (a lump of PVC) was also issued as a hollow-finished styrene kit, along with a packing case in the accessory range.

The clown and chimpanzee from the advertising Land Rover, I have one missing the mic, the other missing the hat, so lined them up to get a 'composite' shot! Again; faces get very different treatments, one being 'whited-up' with the shirt's pale blue.

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