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Monday, July 4, 2016

K is for Karded Ker'nights!

This would be a box-ticker if we had a maker, but we don't, just People's Plastic Production Plant . . . [Insert number of your own choice here!] . . . Probably! So it'll just be a general interest post.

'Medieval Knights' 1 ruble and 40 kopeks are the only information on the card and thanks go to Nazar Marchenko for translating the difficult bit of that for us. Five knights in front of a fort, carded, that's it!

You want more? The one on the left has been lifted from Dulcop, the chap next to him looks a bit Britains Deetail, and the forth has shades of 1st series Timpo running legs (reversed) - I'm sure that the other two could be tied to other Western figures if I had enough knowledge; is the third from a Reamsa Turk?

Seen before - Robin Hood Posts - Sorry!

No...They're all actually taken from Dulcop, who were themselves influenced by the other makers! Slightly smaller than the originals as well at about 50mm against 54-mil. I like them!

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