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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

MTC is for Rack Toys!

Last post for now is a bit of a folder-clearer, not the both Brian's Folder and Picasa aren't still full of rack toys - they are, we will be having more Rack Toy months, although all the small scale ones will be on the HK Blog as soon as I pull my finger out, slacker; that's my problem!

Frogs! Not the same as some others we were going to look at, but time waits for no man, I'll try and get them into a 'normal' post soon; MTC frogs!

Jet fighters, MRCA's and the lovely A10 Warthog. I watched A10's down at Lulworth Cove many, many years ago, these days they are a welcome sight for chaps in the field - as long as they are pointing in the right direction, you don't want to be in front of them when they burp!

The left hand set are copies of old 1970 mouldings, including the veteran Phantom and Starfighter, they manage to be both better and worse than their precedents - being thicker more rigid plastic; they are nicer to handle and hold their shape, but the detail carving is deep and crude.

Sea life, if you remember the volcanic atoll diorama of last month, this is the sort of set you find your sea-monster, look at that octopus! We will be returning to that atoll in the post 'B is for Biggles' soon, with a first for the blog!

And a set of horses, around 54mm by the look of them and ideal set for individual figure modellers (Napoleonic Generals standing around on smart mounts!?), closing-down Rack Toy Month . . .

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