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Saturday, December 3, 2016

D is for Die-cast Ducks

A quick comparison between the two recent D.U.K.W. amphibious 6x6 cargo-trucks variously issued by De Agostini and Altaya (no tilt), Eaglemoss and some Russian outfit (tilt and rope-fenders), they are both a mix of materials on a die-cast body/shell.

I would have scored the Russo-Chinese (Ocean Metal Factory) one the better of the two (marginally) if it hadn't come sans one wheel! The underside detailing is better on the Russian import, but marred by the base-mounting screw-holes, and the provision of a glass-effect windscreen is a plus, but the DeAg,/Altaya version has the nicer nose (with separate tools/snorkel) and cab-interior, so you takes your money (the Russian one wins! £2 in The Works!) and makes you choice!

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