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Sunday, March 5, 2017

L is also for Laurie Toys

were going to be having American War of Independence (or colonial terrorist-insurgency - depending on your viewpoint - and you all know mine! It's tongue in cheek you humourless....) stuff today, but I thought I'd tie-up a loose-end from the 'Lucky week' thing, by clearing these from the dongle

The item itself is in storage, while the photographs I do have were taken back in 2010 or something for an eMail exchange and somewhat fail to show the vehicles off to their best! Still; after yesterdays post you probably won't mind a short one with few details!

The box! Laurie seem to be a wholly owned brand-mark of Lucky, but which I mean that while Clifford or Fairylite were independent import firms ('jobbers') with the products from other sources under their brand (I have somewhere an image of a polyethylene boat 'made in England' [possibly a Rafael Lipkin/Pippin piece] with a Clifford card), Laurie only appear with a Lucky Toy in the box!

 Despite water damage the box was otherwise 'unused', and the contents were still in two poly-bags, the failing of me to shoot a decent shot of the vehicles will be the excuse to return to it when it's released from its prison, but you can just see the figures stuffed lengthwise into the caravan for storage!

The interior is reasonable for a cheap toy, but note the flash stretching up from and down to the holes in the floor, these are a necessary part of the moulding process (undercuts and stuff) with such a complicated single-shot tool, but they provide a weakness for pressurised hot-polymer to squeeze out of.

I don't imagine you can get a much leerier colour scheme than candy-pink and apple-green, but maybe bright yellow and sky-blue could beat it, however the icing on this 'pop-art' cake - has to be the tangerine-orange car!

Lucky mark on the Laurie caravan mirrors the car and an interesting feature is the retracting tow-bar, making it harder to damage in play.

A small chromium-plated excuse for the 'Volksengine' is crammed-up against the housing of the pull-back motor, and the same shot of the car's mark we looked at the other day.

Only a box-ticker, and box ticked; Lucky - for Laurie!

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