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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

N is for Noooooooooooooooooooooo!

There's bloody more of 'em - they're breeding like rabbits.

I was putting the pictures away from the follow-up's follow-up to the follow-up the other day when I realised I've been chucking them all in the Supreme folder, with copies to the HK dongle, but I hadn't copied them to the Halsall folder - which is on a third dongle; to do so I needed to check which folders were needing copying and found one called 'copies' with these three images in!

They are 'sort of Supreme' - some SP poses, some less so, the horse is right and the flags point to one of many fort sets. Certainly the way they are packed looks like they would have been placed inside a fort's 'footprint' in a larger tray or carton and Supreme made several forts in many sizes, some badged to Simba the big German importer/seller. Shaun showed a couple of Fantasy sets with shades of Supreme on his blog - the second set particularly.

I must have shoved these in the folder when I moved as I shot them in January 2011, and I think they must've come from the Birmingham show in the Autumn of 2010? And . . . there is other stuff still to find, like all that Starlux I found in their folder a few years ago, but I knew they were there; I'd totally lost this set and I suspect I've lost others!

You can just see on the Grecian archer (scaled down from the 'idiot' set) and more clearly on the horses base, that these have a rim with a recessed area, not common to the other sets we've been looking at recently, but having something in common with some of the small scale civilians we looked at ages ago (they're all under the SP Toys tag), I seem to recall a 'CHINA' and a cavity/mould number, but can't say for certain as they are now in storage.

Also - for the same reason - I can't give a definite on the size but they were around 35/40mm, somewhere between the smaller ones we've looked at in the last few weeks and the ethylene (on square-base) set's copies.

Right - that really should be it on these for a while!

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