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Monday, March 27, 2017

R is for Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' . . . Keep Them Wagons Rollin' - Raw'HIDE!

Another wonderful submission/guest post from Brian Berke, he says they are probably French and I'm wondering if they might be Jou Plast, whom I know made smaller two-axle carts and wagons for/as Bonux premiums - albeit with smaller horses. The firm of Féral (who carried Hugonnet) did similar horses, but with thinner, flimsy draw-bars/centre-poles . . . I'll stick them all in the tag-list until someone corrects me!

A quite deep-boxed 'prairie schooner' or covered-wagon, which has long slots for the cover to attach to the body instead of the plugs most other makes use, along with the nice touch of the first tilt-hoop being left bare.

I'm sure I've mentioned a draw-bar and horses here before (when I was asking for the translation on the SGDG mark) and it seems to be the same as these, with the skinny copies of Beton horse.

A fine stagecoach; this particular model was heavily copied (in Hong Kong and elsewhere) in the same size (sub-50mm), with further piracies getting down to 30-odd mm. We looked at a JTC (probably HK not Japan) copy here and it also seems to have provided the model for Blue Box's team on their little red and brown wagons (ex-Crescent) in the small scale.

Brian's Berserker shows us how much smaller these are to start with! Interesting to note that the coach figures have plug-on hats (which always look a bit Mexican, especially on the copies) while the wagon figures seem a little better in the sculpting department?


Paul´s Bods said...

Check your E-Mail Matey..I´ve sent pics of a maker not on your list.

Terranova47 said...

Since you posted this I found an on-line reference that says this is 'APS-Politoys Texas' brand made in Italy?
Does anyone have further information?

Hugh Walter said...

That'll be them Terra', they did like a bit of plug-in action! I think I posted a couple here ages ago?

Paul - messaged yesterday, but time limited this week!