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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I is for is it Res Plastic, Basa or DSG?

So - I was given the third degree by the Penn State Toy Soldier Mafia (hereafter PSTSM) again the other day, the whole mob piling-in with the turn-coat Brit; Darren Hatley getting-in his tuppeny's worth of oar-shoving (do you think he's a made-up person? Someone quite high-up in the hobby was wondering if he might be the other day) and feel I should address one or two points that arose, not least that due to commitments elsewhere I had published the wrong pictures with the post, and have subsequently added an addendum to the post promising an apology.

Let's do the apology first - having adopted the habit of correcting old posts in salmon-pink text back at the start of the blog (2008 - where does the time go! Nine years huh?) I've always been willing to correct myself and admit errors.

So - I'd like to apologise to the followers of the blog, the readers and the casual visitors for failing to mention that the moulds for the Res Plastics Romans we looked at here the other day are now held by DSG of Argentina. I'm not apologising to Paul Stadinger or Erwin Sell though, as the basic precept of the post was correct . . . Erwin Sell made it up as he went along again.

So the paroxysms of orgasmic joy displayed in the crowing of them both in their post (http://www.stadsstuff.com/?p=8882) of the 1st April (fools? A Saturday; Wayne, do you think they were drunk?) and the predictable follow-up comments from the rent-a-rabble of the PSTSM, were all for nought, it's true I 'struck again', but as on all previous occasions of doing so, I was bang on target.

More a sort of . . . Hugh Walter Strikes and Hits Again! But - let me explain.

In May of last year (Wednesday the 31st at 05.17hrs local time, to be precise) Erwin Sell started a thread on the Forum Grauit 1:32nd scale forum, he didn't have to, he wasn't adding to a previous thread, he started a thread; I won't post a link to it - as it's a bot-locked forum so the link won't work for most of you - so will use screen-capchas - for the purpose of research. But he started it thus . . . "COMA .CO MA ROMANS AND BASA PERU COPIES"

And for those of you with eyesight like mine (with my highlighting):

"Here are 5 of the original 6 poses  romans and copies made in PERU by BASA in all 6 poses with minor variation all from my private collection...enjoy!!

CO MA are in multi color variation.
Peruvian made copies are in Gold color.

This was followed with a shot (since reproduced on the Hugh Walter Strikes and Hits Again post) that clearly shows the figures as described, with the six 'gold' figures supposedly Peruvian made from Basa?

In the Hugh Walter Strikes and Hits Again post he goes on to say - by way of defence - that "I have not seen this version Hugh mentioned in the Italian blogs I read." and "He claims that I missed the RP on the figure.(That my figures do not have as the pictures show)"

That's the new pictures he's taken (at some bloody awkward and indeed 'odd' angles) of only some of the figures? With some interesting cropping and some well-placed fingers! But if he's going to re-use the main image from the French forum, why not re-use the rest?

Because if he did; you'd all see this . . .

. . . to quote my own handiwork 'What a wanker!'

So not content to 'just' whip-up the PSTSM jackals for another of their post-comment fuck-fests of unfounded insults and abuse aimed in my direction, by claiming I'm wrong and trying to prove it with some very dodgy imagery, they are actually lying . . . making it up as they go along . . . again . . . both of them now, in it up-to their chinny-chin-chins.

Erwin's gold figures which he states ARE Basa are actually the Res Plastic mouldings. He was making it up as he went along, my post of the other day was factually accurate and their post is the real 'hate', hatred of me, my Blog and the truth.

The hyperbole of the Hugh Walter Strikes and Hits Again post hiding the fact that they are in fact doing a damage-limitation exercise and hiding the truth, which is that my post was . . . err . . . true!

One of the pictures meant to be in the original post!

Erwin then states that "But…what is very interesting that same figure was shown in “Plastic Warrior Roman Special” done by Peter Evans. On page 35 of the special Peter has the same figure in the same color(gold). Peter listed it as “Mehanothenia”? Likewise the figure to right is from the same company. The company according to Peter was from Slovakia. So may be Mr Hugh should check this too..", and when we turn to that page we find two figures that fit the bill, one a red one I wouldn't comment on as I know nothing about it, the other; a gold one with his sword raised above his head.

Indeed, you might think he looks very similar to the figure I have been using to illustrate the latest in what will be a series of 'Erwin Watch' posts going forward! You would be right to think he looks similar, as he is the same figure! After I had photographed him in 2013, I gave him to Peter Evans and he appeared in the 2015 publication - he's rapidly becoming the most photographed figure in the history of toy soldiers and he's only a crappy knock-off!

Therefore we can be confident that he is a Res Plastics-made, European market-sourced (I got him from a 50p rummage crate at one of the Russell Square shows a year or so earlier) figure, and that while he may have been supplied to the company branded Mehanotehnika (who I actually tend to list under 'Design Studio - DS') he too was made in Italy.

Indeed - my apology above notwithstanding - even if the moulds are with DSG now, the fact that all the gold copies seem to be much-of-a-much-ness would suggest that if DSG have supplied any to third parties (say, err . . . Basa!) they may well have done so from old RP stock inherited with/at the same time as the moulds.

Ironically some parts of Argentina are probably almost as far away from some parts of Peru as some parts of Italy!

If you follow the whole of their Hugh Walter Strikes and Hits Again post, you will see that in the main text (confused as always by endless, pointless repeats of the title box [Google loves] in the main text box [Google doesn't give a fig]) Erwin is trying (with only the original two figure types) to [verbally] invent a third type, while in one of the longer comments underneath begins to get quite confused about what's what altogether!

Yet his close-ups (with the odd angles and strategic looking fingers) seem to show new - more silvery-gold - figures from those in the Forum Gratuit thread, with the RP marks melted-out with a 4 or 5-mil hex-driver bit! They are not the figures described as Basa and marked RP on the Forum by Erwin, as he made it up as he went along again, highlighted in my previous post on the subject.

They may well be DSG production (from the Res moulds) with the RP mark removed, and they may even have been supplied by DSG to Basa, but first; that still doesn't make Basa the manufacturer, and second; we have yet to see any empirical evidence of Basa's involvement!

To escape from the running sewer that is the Paul & Erwin show, a digression or two.

The reason I have a whole folder of images of the dratted chap is that I was at the time on the CAD course and having been following developments in 3D printing since the HäT forum days I was minded to scan him into a script file for CAD-CAM 3D-printing.

But no matter how we tried we couldn't get the scanner to produce more than a cloud of dots which looked like one of those tourist trinkets where a block of glass is filled with laser-fired bubbles in the shape of the Eifel Tower or a rabbit or something, only one which was in mid-explosion!

Deciding it was due to the metallic nature of the plastic that the figure's made from, bouncing the laser round the chamber and not thinking to paint it white or black or something sensible like that, we took loads of photographs from different angles, to try one of these 2D-to-3D scanning/modelling systems . . . which I still haven't got round to . . . hey ho!

While the reason there are four images today, and for two of them to be looking very similar to the post the other day is due to the fact that having prepared the article some time ago I lost it in the 'Done' folder - you know how sometimes you catch a folder or file with the cursor by mistake - especially with a finger-pad - and move it by accident?

Sometime later; finding the old images I thought "Oh, yeah, must do that Erwin's making it up again post" (there are several in the pipeline) and re-did the collage and inset close-up forgetting the multi-shot and comparison I'd done the previous time!

I may be scatter-brained, but I don't deliberately make it up as I go along, or then try to cover it up and I only attack people who need attacking or who attacked me first!

Paul Stadinger Said

This whole matter was blown out of proportions by Hugh.  What he had was a variation of these figures (Err...no; I had the same figure as those Erwin posted as Basa on Forum Gratuit). It did not prove anything negative on Erwin (Err...yes it did, it shows that Erwin's been making it up as he goes along again). Hugh assume on the bases of the one figure in his hand he had a smoking gun (Because I did!).  He did not get samples of the BASA Romans to compare which was a major mistake. (as I understand both the post this is taken from and the comments after it, particularly Erwin's reply to Darran; you're none of you that sure which figures are Basa and whether you've shown them, yet the RP figures were shown and passed-off as Basa by 'make it up as he goes along again' Erwin on Forum Gratuit, and I didn't need to get the Basa figures as I couldn't give a fig about them, they weren't the issue!). In his attempt to undermined Erwin he has only undermined himself. Err . . . no I haven't.

I have found Erwin a very honorable man (birds of a feather . . . ) and I am proud to call him a friend. You ought to; he's running around posting spurious back-links all over the internet for you to falsify your Google rankings! I  hope that Hugh takes his hate of Erwin and channel it into other pursuits. Ah! The curtain finally slips, we will be returning to this last line in much greater detail at a future date - remember, you demanded I prove how [and why] you're shadowing me.

And I don't 'hate' him, I pity him and his falsehoods, and your encouragement of them, as they will remain a testament to your hubris.

The Comments

Let's look at what the PSTSM had to say, but before we look at their wittering, consider this . . .

. . . no one else - not 'my' people, not neutral people, not forum people (as far as I am aware no one on Treefrog or Forum Gratuit have said a word one way or the other about this 'war' - although it has to be said Erwin is now trying to export it to the latter French forum), nor have any other Bloggers got involved in any way whatsoever - for or against either party; not even those who have to put up with Erwin's endless Google rank-slewing, back-link postings, dressed-up as comments, often with added 'made-up as he went along' stuff . . .

. . . yet this is the second time the PSTSM have gathered their wagons in a circle to bark at the moon like rabid jackals.

23 Responses to Hugh Walter Strikes and Hits Again

1. James O'Connell says:
April 1, 2017 at 7:28 PM
I have some of those gold Romans and they are weird little guys. Their anatomy suggests hobbits in armor. They do!
As for people getting angry or sarcastic over differences of opinion on toy soldier brands that seems a little weird. You do us a service with your page and deserve congratulations. I bought a lot of stuff from you many years ago and always enjoyed your, then, printed lists. It's not 'opinion', it's fact versus fiction (delivered as fact; 'false fact' - if you like), he started the thread on Forum Gratuit without prompting and delivered it as fact.

I'm not angry, more bemused, although sarcasm is a feature of my posts on the two fools, you'd be well advised to stay out of it James!

2. j hudson says:
April 1, 2017 at 8:04 PM
Unfortunatly most Hobbies,,Interests etc from autos to trains to soldiers have experts,,nannys and HOA troll like types,,Rather like a typical I P M S judsge You're getting two in every five words wrong, including your own surname, yet you want to be taken seriously? Sorry - you can say what you like; it's all drivel!

3. Mark McNamara says:
April 1, 2017 at 9:55 PM
Can’t please everyone no matter what we do or don’t do,we can try to do our best, Erwin always has High Standards and I consider an excellent model for others ! Erwin has no standards!

4. Wayne W says:
April 1, 2017 at 11:33 PM
Agree with the comments above. It seems a lot of these incidents coincide with the weekends. Some folks in the hobby seem to have a bad habit of getting too deep in their cups,so to speak, and then venting their intoxicated spleens protected by the vast distances and relative anonymity of the internet. I don’t know if that is the case or not here; but I know some folks are usually great fun to “talk” to on the net but at certain times of the week (or maybe phases of the moon) it’s like a complete change. Says Wayne; on a Saturday, among 23 other comments made by PSTSM'ers, also on Saturday, on a post, posted on err...yeh! You Guessed it; a Saturday! Speaking from experience Wayne? I must say you write well for a drinker, were you tipping every-other tubbie in a pot-plant?

Of course it also explains their dig about LP the other day; that was on a weekend too, wasn't it? And of course their 'Part One' was on a Saturday, so your theory holds water Wayne, they had to be very, very, very, very drunk to invent a whole port facility with attendant wharves and jetties, probably a separate container facility? Not forgetting the nearby industrial estate (specialising in toys) Erwin was so keen to tell us about, or are you conveniently forgetting their abortionate attempt to attack me over Christmas? You need to be very drunk to take an Image from Vectis without credit and A) think you won't be found out and B) present it as representing the exact opposite of what it is! Or to be thinking a major Japanese ministry is something empirical - in Hong Kong . . . lots of drink required for that one, hahahah!

While - of course - my post was published at 9.30 am on a Friday? Having actually been pre-loaded 8 days earlier!
It’s tough to take some of the stuff that gets thrown sometimes, but your reputation in the hobby is well-known and I believe secure. Well, thanks!
My recommendation is (and pardon me, if I repeat myself) to follow ancient Roman advice, “Nil illegitimus carborundum” – “Don’t let the [nasty folk] get you down.” Bastards, the word's 'bastards', are you such a prude you can't even bring yourself to write a good piece of Anglo-Saxon, ecclesiastical/heraldic invective? Don't let the bastards get you down, I certainly don't! What a wuss! I said I was disappointed in your interjection last time, now I know you're just another PSTSM patsy.

5. Mark T. says:
April 1, 2017 at 11:53 PM
I do like those Romans. They were available for a while a few years ago from some of the online sellers. There was also a companion set of Vikings. I’m sorry now that I missed them. They have a lot of character.

 erwin says:
April 2, 2017 at 1:15 AM
Mark ,you absolute correct.
The Vikings too were 6 poses copies of the original CO-MA same brand that did original Romans above depicted in colors .They were in Gold color too and bit shrunk cloned mold with less detail as the copies made in gold by BASA of romans
Both were BASA and sold by DSG from Argentina also known as red scorpion.
They distributed or sold “possible” to Drums in UK as they carry along other seller in UK then too for few time in very limited numbers. Now those sold in UK may come from other source or copiers I can not tell that. But the ones from DSG were.
I brought in 90s few packs from PERU direct and resold at shows nothing big at all.
They had since despair from market .However in (Mercado libre) a South American eBay style sale site they often pup up under BASA brand in typical bags as piñata feelers as I bough then with about 25 figures inside.
There u can find many other sets figures sold by BASA ,included the MARX prince valiant figures set of poses charters from original mold ,not copies as I have then and are exact ,just in multicolor.
best … You're actually struggling to know what figures you're trying to say what about! Yet you published the RP as Basa [as fact] on Forum Gratuit without prompting! Making it up as you go along . . . again!

6. Lester Lessa says:
April 1, 2017 at 11:53 PM
Ahoy there, I belong to a 20,oo0 (?) Leagues website.We have a similar problem. Some people seam to forget we are doing this for the love of plastic figures. I really don’t care where they are made, Just are they available and how much. Happy collecting nemosfan. If you don't care about the historical details, you don't really need to get involved in a spat about the historical details do you? But then your names make you look like a made-up name! Some people think that Darran Hatley's a made-up name; speaking of whom . . .

7. Darren Hatley says:
April 2, 2017 at 7:17 AM
Hi there guys, Some years ago I brought A set of 12 Gold Roman figures, A set of 24 Gold Viking figures and A set of 10 Multi-Coloured Robin Hood figures. Some were from Ebay and some from Steve Weston who you probably know is one of the major Toy Soldier sellers here in England. Erwin knows him; he was having a go at him on Treefrog a while ago!
Now all of these figures came under the name of Ex-Res, (Because they are ex-Res Plastic?) And so ive thought for years that Ex-Res was there makers name (Well, you're as thick as Erwin then aren't you!). However ive known Erwin for quite a long time and as you all know he is probably the most knowledgeable people there is on Toy Soldiers and I also class him as a Friend. So if he says they are BASA figures or whatever and not Ex-Res then he is most probably correct, (Priceless logic! Nonsense, but priceless to see it in print - for ever!) And anyway they are nice looking figures and I dont really care less what they are called. So why comment? Surely you can have a nice conversation about the name of a companys figures without getting nasty and making a big argument about it No, you can't - if you contradict Erwin on Stad's. Your comments get removed or you get barred, or both. So I will cross out Ex-Res on my list and put in BASA. Idiot! No big deal. Is that right Erwin.
By the way the Gold Romans are only about 45mm to 50mm tall and are my least liked of these figures, While the Gold Vikings and Multi-Coloured Robin Hood figures are 54mm tall and are better in detail than the Romans in my opinion, However I like all the poses. Thanks, you appear to be confirming what I said the other day and have just repeated above, even as you change the title on yours!

 admin says:
April 2, 2017 at 7:36 AM
Do your Romans have the RP on the back? If they do not have the RP they would be BASA. If they have the RP they would be EX Res
The multicolor 60mm Robin Hood were sold in Woolworth’s UK back in 80’s. I bought some on a trip.

 Darren Hatley says:
April 2, 2017 at 11:17 AM
Ok thanks I will have to look for the Roman figures amongst my collection and get back to you on that. Ok so maybe they are Ex-Res? What about the 54mm Viking figures sold under Ex-Res as well? I guess its the same as the Romans. Snore....

 erwin says:
April 2, 2017 at 11:58 AM
The Viking too were as I say copied of 6 poses from COMA in Gold or silver ,the COMA are 54 mm, while the BASA or else copies are MORE IN 50/52 mm. I may need measure then later ….there is difference when you got both in hand in detail definettely,specially in armor and faces deep detail.
The COMA original are not easy find ,specially in all poses set and with weapons ,unless u get a original BAG.
COMA original bags come with 6 figures only, I have one each of their set ,minus one set.
They are found often in Italian sites, eBay or under other name.
the brand is often typed as (CO-MA ,CO MA or just COMA).
but you will definitely see- get then once in while.
Also they did WW2/Modern Marines,airforce,bersagleri,alpine and “infanterai de marini”-or Regiment SAN MARCO set.(these marines) not the action sailors are very hard to find today for some odd reason and Italians collectors hunt then hard.
They also did Knights, pirates and early did three different space scale figures set least .Then they change to kits and toy cars and stop by mid 70s producing any figures. But their bags were sold around x years.
Italian Books refer to all sets known been made by then.
I can not Rember all I had red,I will have look, translate and pass soon with permission of admi.
Because I can public copy phot a book I have to do page at time-translate ,send pictures to admin x corroboration of books and in that way info will be post and pass around.

 erwin says:
April 2, 2017 at 10:41 AM
Thank you x words I appreciate as I do of course consider you my friend as well all posting here that I often interact direct to pass info and else .
About figures you have if come from SW or Drums (that was another selling in UK back then plastic figures too) ,it could be possible is RES if have the mark. Reason is the (detractor) person attacking me is from UK and may had got it there from then too.
As ADMIN says if not mark then is BASA. Don't push it on to 'Admin'; it's what you said about RP-marked figures on Forum Gratuit which is at question, not the new figures you've both photographed on your Hugh Walter Strikes and Hits Again post!
Why they were call EX- RES may had been a wrong identification thinking were copies of RES when in reality the gold Romans and viking were copies of CO MA.(The original Italian maker from 50s till 80S. Just a though .. It means they are 'from' Res, I guess you don't 'do' Latin either!
The picture above show original in top row in colors that are More detail and in true 54 mm plus plug in weapons(trident,swords ,ax and spears).
The cloned sold by BASA,RES and possible other copiers are in 50/52 mm as you well say and detail is a bit poor as if figures were “shrunken” I should call it .
The multicolor Robin hood figures are RES original last edition and sold till early 90s as well in Europe. Res made most swoppet figures x surprise food and only few sets/figures,they copied(did new mold) COMA and other Italian brands often stamping the mark on it .
Italian brands have the problem many did not mark figures original,like some Dulcop and most TEXAS,COMA that not have marks,often bringing confusing the collectors. Same issue happen to German brands Manurba,Dom and others
Today you can find some mint bags from 90s still in eBay ,mostly from Italy
So I’m not infallible (Heheheheheheheh!) neither a super expert. Most time I read (and then don't credit the source) and pass and use my memory plus [make stuff up as I go along] collection to identify like every person in with knolowble do in this hobby,no one was born with fantastic power of known all at all and this detractor go chasing my posting in any US and foreign blog ,extract it twist the words and posit in his personal lonely blog to make looks as I’m a false person all around. Because you are? Explain the Port Tain Sang, explain the Blue Box Australians, Explain the Japanese Ministry of Health and Employment, explain any of the points I've raised?
If I made mistake I admit (you don’t) and if I argue I do polite (nothing polite about the Hugh Walter Strikes and Hits Again post) as I can as all us could and should do .
My opinions and post often are followed by words(my thoughts and opinion) meaning personal opinion.
To use this hobby to call others name or go ballistic after others for simple figures ;simple show a lack of human value and respect plus not reality association and real interaction will in his part. Explain your 'part one' and 'part two' then!
So I think we should all enjoy every blog in best polite way and go on with your life .
I enjoy this blog as well others as I had learn too from here like most all and share opinion in very amiable way with all.
My thoughts..
Best regards..

 Darren Hatley says:
April 2, 2017 at 11:25 AM
Ok Erwin and thanks for the info mate as always, Ok lets just say you know alot if not everything about Toy Soldiers.Identifying these figures seems to be a bit confusing. I will dig these figures out soon and get back to you about who might have made them. So perhaps they do come under Ex-Res (Oh fuck! Quick, change them back!) after all and maybe not? (No! Leave them!) But anyway I like them and im glad I have them and im not that bothered who made them (phew!), But dont worry Erwin I wont argue about it Lol.

 erwin says:
April 2, 2017 at 11:59 AM
thank you Darren…

8. Andy says:
April 2, 2017 at 7:40 AM
I agree with Lester’s comment above – are they available? how much do they cost?
where are they listed for sale? Toy figure “archeology” is of very little interest or value to me personally. I do not care what year the sky blue sheriff was made. If anyone else gets thrilled by it, that’s fine, but I could not care less. Then this just isn't a subject for you is it?

9. erwin says:
April 2, 2017 at 10:47 AM
Well I understand the point and value of getting info about figures that could be accessible.
The problem is most figures you find today are not longer produced and either you find then via using identification name brand,marks from vintage seller in eBay or or web site.
So I think still the identification work is well value to most and all in order to make the search easy and smooth. I often add google words and info with my posting to help those looking for figures.
Unfortunately some will be very hard to get while other you can get lucky and get faster or easy.
As far price ,any figure old could be sold by seller at any price,is a game.
Collecting toy soldiers should be more for all discontinued and vintage figures.
New production are used by us of course but are not true collectible but more a new addition to the toy soldier hobby.
My thoughts
best regards

 Andy says:
April 2, 2017 at 3:59 PM
New figures can gain in value very quickly. Barzso sets and figures are now selling for as much or more more than old Marx.

 erwin says:
April 2, 2017 at 4:17 PM
Well Barzso are being discontinued for long and short run production ,that is why the go high often .Conte follow as not longer made too;same will be for any short run production such Russian figures and others being made now soon.
I bet in two years EB will be double what they are now and yes you will still get plenty real old vintage brand x a fraction of that ,is true.
.Still all those are not true old vintage figures but part of the collectible as not longer made …
In new production not short run EXF are pretty much close to most CONTE and BARZSO resin at $4.00 per figure in around sales. BARZSO high demand figures are when in bid that go ballistic or the playset rare poses exclusive poses and few early set .At show I still can get plenty BARZSO for low prices in resin type, not later plastic production made.
Like I say price is a game, All any one will have to do is set a price and as far buyers start buying prices will go higher and higher.
When figures not sale much they will go down…
Unfortunately is the price game played in hobby.
But we have to go around, I do not get crazy in any new figures unless very limited run and very well done.
Vintage I got cautious in quality and prices plus shipping as less and less with exception of US brands you find any foreign old here at the less shows we got.
my thoughts…

 Andy says:
April 2, 2017 at 5:15 PM
Looking for undamaged, unpainted two standing white female figures from Last of Mohicans and one kneeling captive female figure – not sure what set – maybe one of the pirate sets. Also, Rebecca Boone figure and undamaged, unassembled, unglued, unpainted ox cart with hitch and ox from Daniel Boone set. If you find them “cheap” at a show, please pick them up for me. When I see the female figures on eBay, they run $75+ range and the ox cart is usually damaged.

 erwin says:
April 2, 2017 at 7:41 PM
The cart I had seen plenty time, will keep eyes, the last Mohican figures are top notch as one of first ever done and those minus one set of the Mohican Indians are hard to get now x cheap price .Any how I will keep watch .
Andy just in case send me text with and Link to then to make sure I pick right one if see around .
at Hackensack9Ocober -November ) show there three sellers that carry Barzso loose figures in tons ,not counting Stengel Juniors that often bring loose and some bags .

10. Darren Hatley says:
April 2, 2017 at 11:36 AM
By the I do like the original BasRoman figures, They are A more true 54mm scale and they look better also. Ive never seen these original figures and in these multi colours. Oh Christ!

11. Darren Hatley says:
April 2, 2017 at 11:48 AM
Sorry my mistake I didn’t read all the report properly. What I mean is I really like the Original CO-MA Roman multi-coloured figures. I think ive got it now. At last!

12. Jack Gibbons says:
April 2, 2017 at 7:17 PM
In my experience self-proclaimed “experts” are not. The reason I stay away from many hobby groups is that there is always a “lifer” who needs to tell you about everything in a hobby’s existence. Realizing the hobby is only a small part of my life I often find these individuals to be real bores, and often do not appear to have the social skills to know that they are a bore. Strangely, you also find that some of these men still live with mom and haven’t ventured out to have some form of life balance. Well - I've been shot-at by people I suspect were better than you Jack, is that getting out and having some kind of life balance? Life was certainly in the balance!

And who's a self-proclaimed expert? I know Stad's was waxing lyrical about his past on Forum Gratuit a while ago and Erwin hasn't corrected any of the sycophants here, and he says he's not a 'Super Expert' above, but that leaves the suggestion he thinks he's an 'expert'! But I have never suggested I'm an expert, I just like to correct errors when I see them - and it's a fact that with 1000-odd active in the hobby, 7 or 800 online, the only one I've corrected regularly is Erwin, because he makes it up as he goes along, regularly . . . and he thought it was wise to tell me my Blue Box Australians weren't, while claiming his rack-toy shite were, without evidence, more than once, as fact!
I enjoy the discussions here and appreciate the figures and updates. I always feel there is a real level of honesty and balance from the contributors to this site.

13. Bill Nevins says:
April 4, 2017 at 5:04 AM
I just don’t see the need for name calling and slanderous comments. The only slanderous comment - so far - was published by Stadinger on 17th December when he allowed Erwin to say that I'd said I was a 'master expert of plastic small “and all else of a course toys.” ' without a link to the 'quote' or any other empirical evidence whatsoever. I just insult the couple of muppets, usually with their own words as evidence, insults are not slander; slander is a specific point in law.
Don’t we all want the same thing? An enjoyable past time? I  - obviously - add 'accurate' and 'honest' to that list!
Aren’t toys supposed to be fun? Yes!
People like Erwin who share their knowledge, make us all a little more aware
of figures we may have missed or may have never seen. Without them, it would be a poorer hobby. Erwin either shares other people's knowledge - as if it's his, or makes it up as he goes along!
Hugh has some good stuff on his site. I’ve learned several things from him. I try!
But calling Erwin vile names over foolishness is way out of bounds. It's serial 'foolishness', it's protected and encouraged by Stadinger and it's defended or ignored when questioned or found out.
Why does it have to be a competition? The same question I asked myself when it became obvious about three years ago that Stadinger was shadowing the blog and had started 'competitively' blogging show reports of a show he had previously not covered, and hadn't attended! But now he's "... the premier site for plastic toy soldiers in the world." (his words not mine), he should be happy? There'll be a post on that soon!
Why can’t Hugh just say “I disagree with Erwin” and leave it at that? Because no one's allowed to disagree with Erwin! That's the pay-off for all the back-links he posts about the place!
Toy soldiers are just too unimportant to get crazy over. As I keep saying; mass-produced polymer shite! Infant toys; toys for infants. However, to miss-quote the old sports meme; Toy soldiers aren't a matter of Life & Death - they're far more important!

 Pjr says:
April 4, 2017 at 2:42 PM
Really Bill? He knows they are more important, he's just trying to be the voice of reason!

14. Andy says:
April 4, 2017 at 8:32 AM
I wouldn’t even know that a “Hugh Walter” existed if he wasn’t given publicity
on this site. IGNORE HIM HERE!! If need be, go “get” him at his home site. Not hard to find your level then is it? You must be one of Jack Gibbon's mates! Incorrect use of quotation marks and Internet shouting, go to the back of the class, you naughty child.

 admin says:
April 4, 2017 at 12:35 PM
We try to ignore him but his comments are so vicous and incorrect. We can not get him as his site as we fear he would not give us a fair chance of rebuttal. And then the pot exclaimed loudly that the kettle had singed his arse! You are such a hypocritical fucker Paul, I have as yet to bar you from commenting (which you seem to reserve the right to do every time I post crappy superheroes!), but you've barred me from posting - at all, ever! What a wanker!

I still link to your site too, you don't link to anyone else or anywhere else in the whole hobby! It's true I've barred your little lieutenant (more of a busted lance-jack!) from commenting, but then I was getting sick of his posting back-links to spurious shite and or his accusing me of lying - even as he lied!

You have as yet to prove a single comment I've made about the pair of you to be false, nor explained Port Tain Sang, or the Japanese thing, none of it! But it's not about the truth is it? It's about how many back-links your little cock-wakin' monkey-lizard can post for you! Honest is; as honest does.


M-7 said...

The whole crap they are giving you, is one of the reasons I stoped.
I found it was not worth feeding the Trolls.
I hope you keep on - love your blog!

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers M-7, much appreciated, I am getting plenty of support and I'm going nowhere! I think (having said he wouldn't be there) he's planning on a 2,300 mile trip on Saturday, just to pick a fight? I notice in his latest whine about these that he has now contradicted all their joint previous utterances on the Basa thing . . . it's beyond parody!

I'm not retaliating for a while as I want to get various contributors stuff out of the way first; I don't want them getting drawn-in to it.