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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

LP is for ID or err . . . IDL? Not!

My detractors, for that is what they are (and not very good ones), were quick to disagree with my LP post on their Stad's Stuff [ http://www.stadsstuff.com/?p=8666 ], very quick indeed, they move fast in their idiocy; it must be one of the benefits of an empty head!

"...as you can see" a couple of rather poor samples of the LP logo presented without logical explanation of their 'proof' of the disagreement with my post of 3 days earlier! It rather gives a lie to their attempts to claim my blog isn't worth visiting; they appear to be glued to it, shadowing it and getting unduly excited by it!

"Here we have some of the IDL animals." Says Paul, adding "There seems to be some confusion with some people that marking is LP for Lucky Products.  We will have to disagree as you can see."

Really? In other words; see what? Disrespectful nastiness dressed-up as disagreement; that's what! ". . . some people . . ." manner'less louts! They castigate me for earthy language and then talk in cowardly riddles, as if I'm the cat's mother! And again - no logical argument, no evidence, no supporting 'workings out', just a desire to disagree without good cause!

We all (lots of people in the hobby) used to think it was ID or IDL (ID Ltd.?), but if you're going to argue a point it's best to present some evidence for your choice; a few blurry base marks 'aint it. Most of us came to the conclusion that it was actually LP when the clearer mark was first found/first appeared on packaging, with the monster's elbows clearly visible . . .

. . . as here on the right. I explained all this the other day, but will do so again for the bucket/tap sorts.

In the Army there were two kinds of man, those who could be trusted with the command "Fill a bucket for us mate" and those who needed the command "You, private, see that bucket there? Take it to the tap, that one; over there, fill it so you don't spill it while carrying it, and then carry it back here", the rest of this post is for those types of men.

If it is assumed to be ID, you are left with spurious bits of nonsensical graphic geometry at the bottom of the logo and a 'D' which is of a larger size or different font from the 'I'

If it is assumed to be IDL you are still left with an oblong oddment! While the font-size variation only grows - with a huge, yet short, flat 'L'?

However; if you assume it to be LP you are left with two capital letters of the same font, standing side-by-side, the same size (ignore the variance resulting from my Wacom Volito scribbling), the 'P' held slightly higher and no leftovers! Only the bar running through them to explain; which is easily done if you can see the monster . . .

. . . .gripping them in his arms; the elbows of which are clearly revealed in the printed version of the logo - "Seemples"

The contention I referred to in the post linked to above, was the relationship I postulated to, as existing between LP and The Lucky Toys, not the logo which was settled by wise men in Plastic Warrior or One Inch Warrior magazines about 20 years ago, or so I thought it had been - until those two Muppets started using the archaic belief again like secret Catholic flagellants!

In the orgasmic passion of their eager, hurried desire to argue with me (on any point - this is the third or fourth veiled 'dig' in the last few months) the clowns appear to have tripped each other into the bucket of custard they had hoped to throw over me!

May their wickedness light upon their own heads.

The logo is LP held within the bear-hug of a bat-eared monster with piggy-eyes, and while the terrible twatish two'oh clean themselves off and plot their next stunning shot in this risible war - which they clearly started with no advise from their betters - I will continue to Blog small scale railway accessories, unknown war-gaming metal, pencil tops, erasers, chocolates, Daleks, bits of coral reef, pooper-troopers, museum exhibits, snails, motorcycles, Octonauts, elephants and all sorts of other things which mean I don't need to envy them or try to be like them in any way - shudders at the thought of such a tedious, humourless existence.

And - as this is obviously a fatuous post - I'll chuck something else up here later today, maybe some Res . . . . or is it Basa!


Andy B said...

Oh, well explained, sir!

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Andy, I think most of us got it years ago, but there's always o...two in Pennsylvania who take a little longer!