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Friday, June 23, 2017

W is for Who's Wild West Won What Where When?

A quick question mark today, some sort of premium, but who's? There are at least three versions of these Wild West flats, some (seen in Plastic Warrior magazine 155, courtesy of  Rainer Maul in brown and a puce-maroon colour) have the base - with similar pod-foot, chamfered-edge  design - connected directly to the base, there are soft plastic versions I can't describe accurately as they are all in storage, and then these . . .

. . . where the base (or 'baselette'!) is separated from the bulk of the figure moulding by a little pilloti or 'columnette'? Again I have a larger sample in storage, but nothing noteworthy, maybe more of the brighter, primary colours like the reds and blues seen here, greens, yellows, that sort of thing?

The two inset below were being sold as WHW's and while I doubt that moniker, they may well be contemporary . . . 'ish? While the connecting rod might be designed to locate into a card or holder for sale or display they are not all that clear; the cowboy standing with rifle hardly has them at all, so I think they may be more incidental to the whole.

But I do wonder if they are from cigarette packets, possibly German, hence them turning-up in WHW lots. The grey and silver ones are very similar to some WHW's as we have seen here and the marbled one is very 1950's.

Also, while I have sorted them into three versions in my master collection, these additions - if studied closely - could themselves (all polystyrene) be sub-divided. The marbled/mottled one has differences from the red version, the blue cowboys have thinner bases with hardly any chamfer to the base edges and the silver mounted Indian looks very different (and could be WHW, but from a set unknown to me?), while the mounted cowboy has lost his base so can't prove anything!

However, if a mass-appeal, consumable product like cigarettes, selling millions of packs a week or month carried them for some time, years even (they do turn up all the time, but in little mixed lots), that would explain older and newer-looking plastics, design differences &etc.

I think they were also seen in PW139 (provided by Pekka Allan Manninen), but my copy is in storage, and while both correspondents have sought an ID, one has as yet not been forthcoming. As I believe there is a disconnect between Online and Print Media subscribers of around +10%, maybe a viewer here recognises them?

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