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Sunday, September 3, 2017

E is for Espanya!

I thought we'd have a bit of metal for a change, and having recently been given this as a present, it was the obvious candidate.

An Almirall figure of a Civil Guardsman bearing a standard (or colour?), actually brought back from Cuba, but totalitarian regimes make strange yet obvious bedfellows, even if one purports to be from the socialist 'Left' and the other is avidly from the 'Right' with Catholic Rome's berobe'ed servants behind it! When they are both pariah's to someone, trade is easier to justify, and politics is all about justification!

The base is the same as a recent set of magazine part-work collectables from Almirall, but I couldn't tie the figure into that set and the same base was in use by the firm when Garratt was waxing-lyrical about them in the early 1980's, so I hope he's a rarer figure from the 'connoisseur' market. Although I wouldn't describe the figure as having a connoisseur finish, the painting is a bit hit-and-miss - more 'matt toy-soldier' style.

Still - he'll look good leading my Pech Y Hermanos (Pech & Brothers) detachment!

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