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Saturday, September 9, 2017

R is for Rey's Speeder

Just a quickie, bought this in one of the discount stores for a pound the other day, another remaindered Mattel Hot Wheels die-cast Star Wars toy from the force awakens.

In the box

Out of the box

Playing with backgrounds to try and make it fly!

That's it, haven't seen the movie, won't until the DVD hits charity shops, ain't gonn'a dig the smaller Hasbro one out (if there was one?) to compare (or not until I've more to make that post) so that's it!

Nice toy though, useful addition to the Micro Machine/Action Fleet . . . err . . . fleet!


Jan Ferris said...

Rey wasn't so bad herself. So which one would I ride first? The slowest one of course; you can always find another speeder to ride.

Hugh Walter said...

I will get to see it Jan, but it's like the Planet of the Apes . . . once you've got more than three movies it's no longer about the story line, it's all about the franchise and licensing!