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Saturday, September 9, 2017

S is for Solid Six-Shooters and Sheriffs

Continuing to clear that folder I found with odd Timpo shots in it, we have a few Wild West to clear-out, to which I've added some recent additions.

The top row is another of the shots I took back in 2007 when my 1st digital camera was brand new, so macro and flash were still strangers to me! It's just a look at the different colours Timpo's second version solids came in, with the powder-blue ones being from the later Action Pack boxed sets, the brown possibly Toyway issues (they look too new?) and the red and yellow a bit earlier, but post the painted-period.

The two lower shots were a couple of pairs of Action Pack figures I chucked on feebleBay early in 2009, at 99p each  - I think they sold!

Older figures, newer shots; the solid bandit to the right has lost his bank-box of plunder, I suspect deliberately, but it may have broken-off, they are getting brittle now. He came in the mixed, less than 'junk' lot last year with the Cherilea saloon and Roman stuff, along with the three first versions - from-hollow-cast figures.

Interesting that they follow their metal forbears in having gloss paint, while the 2nd version chap has a matt finish, aping the Britains Herald figures he will have been designed/introduced expressly to combat.

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