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Thursday, July 29, 2010

R is for Rospak

I first covered these in Plastic Warrior's little brother; One Inch Warrior - Vol. 4, but Hew Williams of Mid Glamorgan (I don't know if he's really from Mid Glamorgan, but whenever Welshmen write into magazines and things that's where they inevitably come from - so it's a safe bet!) was asking after them on the HaT forum yesterday and I said I'd post a few here.

Two of the Greek sets bagged, there are two other sets - Cavalry and Macedonian Phalangites, set AG2 became AG2a & 2b with 20 of one pose instead of 10 each of both.

As well as splitting the peltasts/archers (and splitting one of the Roman sets into two) in later production the transfer sheets were dropped from inclusion in the bagged sets as well and sold separately.

I used to think that the transfers also came in blue, yellow and green, but I now susspect that's a false memory confusing Revo sheets with Rospaks.

My pitiful selection of Cavalry, I know what the head of the other rider looked like as some have been glued to this guy! And with both horse poses I have nothing to complain about!

Available between Dec.1981 and Oct.'82 they were a sort lived range, sculpted in a Metal figure style by the 1:300 war-games & micro-armour firm of Heroics and Ros. Given the move to war game sizes plastics in the last 12 years, it's a pity someone hasn't put the moulds back into production?

There you go Huw (this should really hurt Our Man Dark's head!!), enjoy!! I'll post the Romans in a day or two.

The head of the missing cavalry pose, which as you can see has been 'cut and pasted' on to the cavalryman I already have, so I don't know what his whole pose looks like! And I forgot to post the other foot poses in the Greek range so here they are, again I have no weapons for them so don't know if they were separate plastic mouldings like the Romans, or metal, or indeed if you were supposed to source them yourself like some HaT Greeks? I used the bloke on the right to hold horses! Listing imported from defunct A-Z, below.

Rospaks Product Listing
25mm polystyrene war-games figures from the Heroics & Ross stable, sold in header-carded polybags. Range Lanched in November 1981, finished by October 1982.
AG1 - Greek City Hoplites
AG2 - Greek Light Infantry [November 1981 to April 1982]
AG2a- Thracian Peltasts [from April 1982]
AG2b- Scythian Archers [from April 1982]
AG3 - Greek Cavalry
AG4 - Macedonian Pikemen/Phalangiter/Palangites
AR1 - Roman Legionaries
AR2 - Roman Light Infantry [from February to April 1982]
AR2a - Roman Auxiliary Javelinmen [from April 1982]
AR2b - Roman Western Auxiliary Archers [from April 1982]
AR3 - Roman Cavalry
AP1 - Persian Archers Kneeling Firing, (probably never issued)
AP2 - Persian Spearmen (Kardakes), (probably never issued)
T1 - Greek City Hoplite Shield Designs
T2 - Roman Shield Designs
T3 - Macedonian Shield Designs
Painting Instructions
Sheet A - For packs AG1 - AG3
Sheet B - For packs AR1 - AR3
Announced - Never Issued
- Persian Cavalry
- Barbarians (Celts)
- Napoleonics
- Roman Catapult and Crew
- Greek Elephant


Anonymous said...

are they 1/72nd or 25mm ?

Hugh Walter said...

The distinction is not worth the trouble, with 1:76 being around 23mm; 25mm IS 1:72 give or take, they sit well with most 25mm metal, and also Atlantic...