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Monday, July 1, 2024

F is for Fake Toys & Games

I've been picking these up for about 18 months now, reposted a couple elsewhere, but I thought I'd chuck them all up here for a chuckle, there are a few political memes, but more general humour/satire, and about 50/50 AI-generated against older forms like Photoshop or actual artists arting!

These first five are all credited to a Brian Thomas Auker on one of the Faceplant AI groups, he really wants to get'em on tobacco, young! While the top one is a clever joke-within-a-joke!
Anti 'Reform' electioneering!

Oh yeah! Overdue I say . . . 

I had a whole load of Trump ones, but I'm not sure where I saved them to, I may have just reposted them straight to my Faceplant feed?

Jesús loves you, unconditionally, but if you don't love him back, he'll torture you in hellfire, until the end of time!

Fisher Price get the most grief in these memes, how have they earned so much opprobrium?


Terranova47 said...

Put me down for a Cigar Maker, though the trouble with Fisher Price is the cigars would be made with Play Doh.

Hugh Walter said...

Heeheeheehee! I could handle a chocolate cigar!


jah said...

Hi Hugh long time no see Hope you are ok.

Hugh Walter said...

I'm around Jan, things are a bit difficult at the moment!


jah said...

Ok Hope you can sort things out Thanks for the reply Take care JAH