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I’m a 58-year-old Aspergic gardening CAD-Monkey. Sardonic, cynical and with the political leanings of a social reformer, I’m also a toy and model figure collector, particularly interested in the history of plastics and plastic toys. Other interests are history, current affairs, modern art, and architecture, gardening and natural history. I love plain chocolate, fireworks and trees but I don’t hug them, I do hug kittens. I hate ignorance, when it can be avoided, so I hate the 'educational' establishment and pity the millions they’ve failed with teaching-to-test and rote 'learning' and I hate the short-sighted stupidity of the entire ruling/industrial elite, with their planet destroying fascism and added “buy-one-get-one-free”. I also have no time for fools and little time for the false crap we're all supposed to pretend we haven't noticed, or the games we're supposed to play. I will 'bite the hand that feeds' to remind it why it feeds.



A list of where to find what, it will be updated from time to time - please suggest any cross-references or relationships you think should be listed or that you'd like to see here.

This is meant to be a general guide to all cross-referencing so if you can't find the target name in the index/tag-list it's because I haven't got round to covering them yet, or don't have them, but it will still help you to Google search for companies and products that appeared under more than one brand or maker, or where a maker has been taken over but continues to be sold under it's old brands - eventually I may produce a link list to producers websites but that may be a separate page - now I've finally sussed out 'Pages'!!

AHГЛИЙСКАЯ - Search for; Archipelag
АРТИЛЛЕРИЯ - Search for; Archipelag
БEPKYT - Search for; Berkut
TAKTИKA - Search for; Taktika

3-D - See; Inkpen Productions

‘3-D Contours’ - This seems to be a Trade-name only. Apparently produced a series of scenic/terrain pieces and entrenchments they/he also provided a painting service. There is nothing else known at this time.

3-D licensing Ltd - See; Strawberry Group

15mm.co.uk - Trade-mark and separate website for Alternative Armies 15mm and 6mm ranges.

19th Century Miniatures - Producing white metal figurines from moulds previously owned by; Old Glory and; Battle Honors.

100 kingdoms - Trade-name of Black Orc Games

100 Pipers Whiskey - See; Marketplan

AB - See; Kids Biz

ABC - See also; CK, CM, CMV and; HK

A Call To Arms (House of Campaign) - See also; Britains Lilliput (for Modern Infantry) and; Marksmen (for ACW)

 A. Wells & Co. - See also; Brimtoy and; Wells-Brimtoy

Accoutrements - See also; Archie McFee, BuM / BuM Slot and; Giant

Accurate - Disambiguation;

*Accurate Armour Glasgow (1:76/72 resin kits and figures)
*Accurate Figures Ltd. Surrey (1:72 ethylene figure sets)

Accurate Figures Ltd - See also; Imex and; Revell

ACE-ACME (Play by Play) - See also; Play by Play

AcHO - See also; Hornby

Ackerman Group Plc. - See also; Rado Industries / Ri-Toys and; Supreme / SP Toys

ACME / Acme - Disambiguation;

*ACE-ACME (Play by Play) China (1980's rack-toy exporter)
*ACME Plastics Manufacturing Co. New York, USA (early [1950’s] dime-store plastic toys)

‘Action’ - See; A-Toys

AdP - See also; Doc Models

AHI (Azrak-Hamway International) - See also; AN, Cragstan, EMI, Naito Shoten / Shoten, Nomura and; Remco [J.G. Garratt's connecting of them with Holgar Eriksonn's work is probably a red herring]

AHM (Associated Hobby Manufacturers Inc.) - See also; Hasegawa and Roco-Minitanks

Airfix / USAirfix, - See also;  Craftmaster, Beeline, Fratteli Fabri, Heller, Hornby, Plastique Cle., Plasty, MPC and; Tomy

Americana Gum - See also; Dunkin, Jopar, Ola, Raja, Tito and Walls

Arii - See also; Eidai, Grip and [World] Zechin

Armtec - See also; Canuck Decals and Crest

Ashford Mouldings - Manufactured for and see; Kellogg's

B. J. Ward - See also; Kentoys, 'Mastermodels', 'Wardie' and; Victory Industries (VIP)

B-Resina - See also; Doc Models and/or; WSW / WSW Doc Modell

'Battle-Space' - See; Hornby or Tri-ang Hornby

BBT - See; Bluebird Toys

Bergische - Toys made by and see; Siku

BIG - See; Manurba

Bluebird Toys - See also; BBT

Blue Box - See also; Culpitt / Culpitts

Brimtoy / Brimtoy-Wells - See also; A. Wells & Co., Brimtoy and; Wells-Brimtoy

Canuck Decals - See; Armtec

Carstanjen (& Söhne?) - See also; De Haen

Code Zero (Mattel) - See also; Bluebird Toys and Zero Hour

Corgi - See also; 'Juniors', Husky, and Mettoy

'Cornerstone' - See also; Terminal Hobby Shop and; Walther's (William K. / WK)

Craft Foods - See also; Kraft Foods, both spellings have been used

Cragstan - See also; Yanoman

Crescent Toys - See also; Kellogg;s whom they made figures for

Crest - See; Armtec

Croco - Trade mark or toy manufacturer for and see; Weetabix

Culpitt / Culpitt's - See also; Blue Box, Festival, Gemodel and LP / Lucky Products

Dark Dream Studios - See also; DDS and Orion

DDS - See also; Dark Dream Studios and Orion

De Haen - Some connection with and see; Carstanjen

Dietl Coffee - Toys made by and see also; Siku

Doc / Doc Models - See also; B-Resina and WSW / WSW Doc Modell

Doctor Who Adventures - See; Premium World Ltd.

Dongguan - See; Silverlit Toys

Dinky - See also; Dublo, Hornby and Meccano

'Dublo' - See also; Dinky, Hornby and Meccano

Duka - Toys made by and see; Siku

Dunkin Gum - See also; Americana, Jopar, Ola, Raja, Tito and Walls

Eagle / Eaglewall - See also; Kentoys

Eidai - See also; Arii, Grip and [World] Zechin

Effka Margerine - Some toys made by and see also; Siku

Feine Remo - See also; Frauenlob

Gemodel - See also; Culpitt / Culpitts

Girard Model Works - See also; Woods Mechanical Toys

Grip - See also; Arii, Eidai, and [World] Zechin

Hornby - See also; Dinky, Dublo, Life-Like, Meccano and Tri-ang - Hornby

Husky - See also; Corgi Junior

HWN - See also; Wimmer

Jopar - See also; Americana, Dunkin, Ola, Raja, Tito and Walls

Jouef - See also; Playcraft or Mettoy Playcraft

Kellogg's - See also; Crescent Toys who made figures for them

Kentoys - See also; B. J. Ward ('Wardie' / 'Mastermodels'), Eaglewall, Paramount, Speedwell, Trojan ('Tiny Trojans'), Victory Industries (VIP Model Roadways) and; 'VP'

KO / Kobe Yoko Ltd. - See also; Yoshiya

Kraft Foods - See also; Craft Foods, both spellings have been used

Life-Like Trains - See also; Hornby

LP - See also; Culpitt / Culpitts and Lucky Products

Lucky Products - See also; Culpitt / Culpitts and LP

Manfred Urban - See; Manurba and see also; BIG

'Mastermodels' - See also; B. J. Ward / 'Wardie'

Mattel - See also; Bluebird Toys and; Zero Hour (for 'Code Zero')

Meccano - See also; Hornby, Dinky and Dublo

Mettoy - See also; Corgi, Husky, Minic, Minix, Model-Land, Motorway, Playcraft and Tri-Ang

Minic - See also; Mettoy, Model-Land,Motorway and Tri-Ang

Minix - See; Tri-ang, see also; Minic

'Model-Land' - See also; Mettoy, Minic, Motorway and Tri-Ang

'Motorway' - See also; Hornby, Mettoy, Minic, Model-Land and Tri-Ang

Motron - See; Silverlit Toys

Multimac - See; Silverlit Toys

Ocean Discovery - See; Silverlit Toys

Ola - See also; Americana, Dunkin, Jopar, Raja, Tito and Walls

Paramount - See also; Kentoys, Speedwell, Trojan ('Tiny Trojans') and; 'VP'

Payton - See also; Winneco

Plasticom Group - See; Ashford Mouldings

Playcraft - See also; Jouef and Mettoy

Raja - See also; Americana, Dunkin, Jopar, Ola, Tito and Walls

RDA Marketing - See also; 'Wicketz'

Speedwell - See also; Kentoys, Paramount, Trojan ('Tiny Trojans'), and; 'VP'

Tallon - See; Manurba

Terminal Hobby Shop - See also; 'Cornerstone' and; Walther's (William K. / WK)

Tito - See also; Americana, Dunkin, Jopar, Ola, Raja and Walls

Trojan ('Tiny Trojans') - See also; Kentoys, Paramount, Speedwell, and; 'VP'

Tri-ang / Triang - See also; Hornby, Mettoy, Minic, Model-Land and Motorway

Victory - Disambiguation;
* Victory Force Miniatures (war gaming figures, vehicles, scenics, 25-33mm, 1/48, 1/50)
* Victory Industries (Surrey) Ltd., (Guildford UK, slot-raceing and early large scale plastic cars and boats)

Victory Industries (Surrey) Ltd. - Also; V and; VIP / VIP Model Roadways - See also; B. J. Ward ('Wardie' / 'Mastermodels'), Kentoys and; Merit (Bell / J & L Randall)

Viking - Disambiguation
* Viking (Russia, 1:32/54mm Ancients, plastic)
* Viking Forge (Fantasy and Role-playing games figures, whitemetal)
* Viking Ships (USA, previously; Joplin FX, ship kits, 1:72, 1:35, 1:350, 1:700)

'VP' (Probably Victory Industries / VIP via Kentoys) - See also; Kentoys, Paramount, Speedwell, and; Trojan ('Tiny Trojans')

Walls Ice Cream - See also; Americana, Dunkin, Jopar, Ola, Raja, and Tito

Walt Disney - See; Marx [USA/UK], Tatra [UK], WDP [France]

Walther's (William K. / WK) - See also; 'Cornerstone' and; Terminal Hobby Shop

Ward / 'Wardie' - See also; B. J. Ward and; 'Mastermodels'

Weetabix - See also; Croco (trade mark or toy manufacturer?)

Wells-Brimtoy - See also; A. Wells & Co. and; Brimtoy or; Brimtoy-Wells

Welly - See; Hobbydax

WES - See also; White Ensign Models

White Ensign Models - See also; WES

'Wicketz' - See; RDA Marketing

Wimmer - See also; HWN

Winneco - See; Payton

Woods Mechanical Toys - See; Girard Model Works

World Zechin - See; Eidai, see also; Arii and Grip

WSW / WSW Doc Modell - See also; B-Resina and Doc Models

Yanoman - See also; Cragstan

YF - See; Accoutrements

Yoshiya - See; KO or Kobe Yoko Ltd.

Zee Toys - See also; Zyll and/or Zylmex

Zechin / World Zechin - See; Eidai, see also; Arii and Grip

Zero Hour - See; Bluebird Toys, see also; Code Zero

Zyll / Zylmex - See also; Zee Toys