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Thursday, December 18, 2008

K is for Kleeware

Kleeware were one of a number of companies set up after the war to work with the new plastic materials in order to get the European economies going again, along with the likes of Betterware, Airfix and Tudor Rose they would exchange moulds with American companies; 1 month on 11 months off.

This is the same as the Pyro Plastics model of the same name; X-400 Space Explorer, and came in a boxed set with three other complex ships and two simple 'dime-store' vehicles. For collectors of Space stuff this is one of the 'Holy Grails' which means us generic small-scale collectors don't stand a chance! I had to let this go as part of a deal-split but got to keep a couple of the others, so - You win some you lose some!

The final photograph shows the lot as bought, I got to keep the long thin one, also Kleeware and the little pale-blue one, the two metallic blue ones are also Kleeware, from the same set, the pale-blue one may be Tudor Rose, and the red one was produced in various sizes/colours and window arrangements by various companies and this one may be Ajax?

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