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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Z is for Zoo Brix by Airfix

I fell off a ladder the other day so - as our Antipodean friends would say - I'm a bit crock at the moment, I'm also taking photo's and researching a multiple post, so it's more archive tonight I'm afraid, these were among the first toys made by the then household goods producer; Airfix Products Ltd.

They rattle, they float, they build AND they've got a small animal inside! Bargain, I'll have a dozen gross for whatever guineas you're asking!

The box end tells us there were three assortments, and this box has assortment 'A', these are the same animals as were issued on header cards, but with flat bases, anyone wanting to see the others should subscribe to Plastic Warrior Magazine (link to right), as a little bird tells me they will be featured there in the near future.

With a British Paratrooper to gauge size here are the animals, I haven't got the full hang of the Collage feature in Picasa yet so it kept cutting off bits of the animals, so the Rhino and Kangaroo suffer slightly from camera shyness here!


Mad Carew said...

NEVER seen those before! Airfix have produced some strange stuff!

Maverick Collecting said...

They also issued the animal flats tied on cards with heavier bases, while similar Cellulose-acetate copies have turned up, with more copies originating in Australia.