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Friday, December 4, 2015

C is for Combat Set

As an addendum to the Blue Box French Resistance fighters post, I managed to pick-up a spare of the HK copies in their bag the other day, mine being all in storage which is a pain as some fool's wandering round the Internet saying the pale blue hard plastic original ones aren't Blue Box, but all things come to those who wait, and those that can't wait should be able to find both Blue Box and Linda examples on Google!

Real generic artwork on this one, issued by Rado/Ri-Toys, but here destined for the cheapie rack which invariably was either at the back of the store in some dark corner beyond the Airfix display, or right by the counter as a pester-purchase device!

Reminder of the figures, they are looked at in more detail in the original post. There were/are 6 poses and they're slightly smaller than the Blue Box originals.

Bit of a box-ticking post but I've also added a capsule-toy example to the Humber Mini-truck Type 6's tonight and some current geometric puzzles to the Jig Toy Page.

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