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Friday, April 22, 2016

U is for Unknown HK/China Army Men

Another question-mark today. These came in as two lots, and I'm guessing they are quite recent, but I haven't seen them in the shops so it may be a 'forgetting how old I am quite recent' putting them back to the 1980's or even early 90's (although it's only the '80's I wasn't really paying attention in).

1. Shows the original pose count of my first sample, the standing firing US soldier seemed to be a copy of one of the new makes, but I can't find him on PSR so he may be a copy of a larger scale figure or just a new pose who happens to look familiar?
2. Is a freebie that I found in a bunch of bagged/cardedstuff I bought on evilBay a while ago, Ahshan (the seller) was pleased I had won the lot as he was a fan of the Blog and chucked these in the box without telling me! Thanks again Ash!
3. What appears to be the final pose count, five each American and German WWII types, several of them look familiar, and while HK is getting better at original sculpts, I do wonder?
Anyway; any ideas on a maker or brands? I'm guessing toobs or rack-toys, and any idea on pose origins? They are quite large; around 28/30mil and a reasonable soft ethylene of the old Airfix/Timpo toy soldier type but without a base mark.


Paul Foster said...

Masterful conversions Hugh. Like you I can see bits and pieces of well known poses from Airfix, Revell and even the ESCI German MG gunner from the 251 halftrack in the bottom row 3rd from the left in pic 3.

Hugh Walter said...

They're not conversions Paul, or at least not mine! they are genuine carded/bagged/toobed rack-toys from the recent past.

Arlin Tawser has supplied the answer to the poses (which Esci copied a lot of, in their AFV kits)....


Thanks both.