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Friday, February 17, 2017

C is for Cutting Cactii

So - That was Contribution Season! There are actually still three in the queue, wiating new images or info., not to mention that Brain sent me a load more stuff about half an hour ago, or that his folder is still full of stuff, but then Rack Toy Month is not that far away now!

Many thanks to everyone who contributed, it was an eclectic mix of stuff in various scales and materials. If you'd like to 'show & tell' something but don't fancy a whole Blog, by all means take a few shots, add a bit of blurb and it can go up here, we're not fussy at Smallscaleworld!

Meantime I have been buying mass-produced polymer crud to keep the blog afloat and here's some . . .

. . . I saw these in WHSmith's the other day, and being a tight-wad was baulking at the potential loss of a whole two quid, but needed to get a magazine for someone-else, along with a paper so thought "What the hell, push the boat out..." and helped myself to a bag of crisps, a plain chocolate Bounty and s'quad of cacti . . . living-up here, I am; wallowing in decadent consumerism!

So, what do we get for a couple of nicker? 50p's-worth of cactus, times-four, that's what, an ideal size for a larger-scale dolls-house, but I had already decided I didn't want the pots, and thought it a bit naff that all the flowers were the same colour!

Well, snip-snip, glue-glue, colour-colour and five minutes later - bish-bosh, job-done!

You will need . . . some - preferably green - tidily-winks! And the pots go in the spares box, to make nice LGP-tyres on a moon-buggy at some point!

That's it - four more cactii for the cactus sub-/side-collection! I'm still not happy with the Gymno-whatever . . . they are grafted hybrids for kid's windowsills (I had a red one when I was a kid), not something you find in the Apache badlands or blocking fields-of-fire at the Alamo; so I think its flower may yet end-up in the 'Unknown Sportsmen' box as a beach-ball - with a hole in it!

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