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Monday, March 13, 2017

F is for Food Fighters!

I regaled you with the great Christmas food-fight at Wavell Barracks ages ago (link here if I can find it), but over the years there have been others - the weekly Sunday marmalade-filled bread-roll 'grenade' exchange at Friend's School when on dinning-hall cleaning duties were memorable and then there was the Great Porridge Strike of '76, when even Mr. D. Horn (maths) no relation to Mr. I. Horn (Latin) refused to eat the golf-ball infested muck, causing Mrs. Hooper (headmaster's wife - and probably related to Satan) to turn the colour of a nuclear-beetroot in meltdown - if you've ever seen one; that is!

So you can imagine how delighted I was to spot these on John's (pts52 on feeBay) stall at Sandown Park the other day for less dough than a TV dinner, however, it wasn't about fighting with food, but rather fighting on it!

Loosely based on the old Matchbox US Infantry sculpts, three of them have the same legs and they all seem to have got their weapons from the A-Team's armory - chrome-plated Ruger Mini-14's (fired it!) and some cheap, stamped-tin, South American SMG- haha!

If anything they loosely resemble 1970's Israeli troops, but then they are 'designed' by one Rafael Morgan - could that be a clue or am I open to a charge of anti-Semitism for even thinking such a thing? Actually he's Brazilian!

Right - I've got the grey ones, I need a set of green ones or the fight's not going to happen; on food, with food or about food! Doh!

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