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Friday, January 12, 2018

D is for Dunderheads (Sterwin Watch)

Well, it's like shooting fish in a barrel isn't it? They wanted to open a new front on the day-to-day ID'ing of figures, spent last week not knowing their own space figures or failing to comprehend the term Amerindian and then this priceless piece of fuckwittery from TJF turned-up;

It's Selcol you dimwitted dunderhead, you think to correct me on a foreign figure I said I didn't know, yet appear incapable of copying a name from the magazine - presumably - open in front of you! Still - it's nice to see I'm not the only one driving your output in 2017, you have no original ideas in you, do you; no imagination?

I'm so surprised he thought it was the non-existent 'Secol', in fact I'm so surprised . . . went to floor . . . and x else . . . Yadayada!

After Mr. Churchill - the dog!
Sacul - Oooh yes! Oooh yes! (British, Mr Lucas)
Salco - Oooh yes! Oooh yes! (British, Salco-Toytown)
Secal - Oooh-nononononononoo! (See Sacul or Segal?)
Secol - Oooh-nononononononoo! (Invented by Paul 'The Jabbering Fuck' Staddinger)
Secor - Oooh yes! Oooh yes! (US, Jerome Secor Manufacturing)
Selco - Oooh yes! Oooh yes! (Portuguese, Leeway Selco)
Selcol - Oooh yes! Oooh yes! (British, Selmer-Selcol (MPI), Selcol Products Ltd)
Segal - Oooh yes! Oooh yes! (British, Phillip Segal)
Segom . . . (that's enough sec's and sell's! Ed.)

Of course - it's only a typo (albeit repeated!) but if he's going to pick me up on minor points I'm going to remind everyone he gets it wrong several time s a week! Pot and kettle, goose and gander . . .

From the 'here's how it works' Department.

First the cock-wakin' monkey-lizard is sent to Vichy France to demand answers;

Who made it !??? Not even a 'please'; now he may be intending to be polite, but because he clearly gets an illiterate 5-year old to do all his typing it's hard to tell!

A couple of hours Googling later (allowing for the differences between British and European Summer Time and Eastern Standard Time) and he's waxing lyrical, well maybe not 'lyrical' chapter-&-verse as if he's the 'Walking encyclopedia of toy solders' one of his more sycophantic supporters put it a while ago.

No he isn't; as I've said before and will say again, he makes it up as he goes along when he's not stealing other peoples efforts without credit, he didn't even thank the chap who told him where to look - for reasonably common 1970/80's Polish figures?

I'm so surprised he thought it was French, in fact I'm so surprised . . . went to floor . . . and x else, etc...etc...! Too bloody funny; these Muppets are too bloody funny.

". . . more Central and or South American . . ." try 'Amerindian'! You're both Too Funny!

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