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Thursday, January 11, 2018

P is for Picasa-Clearer . . . Rubber Cat-Girl-Lady-Woman

Peter Evans sent me this just before Christmas, and apart from 'Thank you Peter' I really don't know what to say about it, or what to make of it, so I offer it up for your delectation . . .

. . . it's a silicone-rubber, Cat-woman - super deform, full of water! I dare-say there is some alcohol in the mix to prevent greening, although you have to really squeeze her to make her transparent (as the pastor said about the actress!) and she is marked with the usual DC Comics licensing panel and on the base a 'KXAA'. The disc-marking is a production-date code thing.

The nature and properties of her material have left her a bit hirsute! Meiow! Google reveals they are called 'Mashems' and they cover Marvel as well . . . 

Kev's Toy Fun

The KXAA turns out to be a radio-station in New York, and the Mashems are actually made by Tech 4 Kids - New tag!

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