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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

P is for Plastic Premiums in Packets

Just a quickie, I shot these a while ago, and while we've seen them here at Small Scale World a couple of times now I think these are premium packets, possibly breakfast cereal, and someone may know more about them . . . TJF will undoubtedly know all about them after his CWML has been sent off to ask the Vichy, but I'm thinking of others!

Anyway; here they both are, Comansi's 70-odd+ mil Thunderbirds figures in the earlier polyethylene (where you usually encounter them with paint), but unpainted like the later floppy, PVC ones and separately placed in the sort of packaging you get cereal premiums in?

Although they are only folded closed, so more like Christmas cracker inserts; cereal premiums tend to be sealed, did someone else (or Comansi themselves) do Thunderbirds crackers?

I took them separately, but unfortunately by moving the camera closer, rather than moving the figures, or photographing the other side or something sensible like that! Further, by the time they've been cropped and collaged (you'd find them even more boring if I gave them up as separate images!), there's no real difference . . . soz for that!

Here's one I did earlier! A scale comparison with Marx in two sizes, the 70mm astronauts and 45mm Space Patrol and one of the Hong Kong made 'Bat-Bots' we looked at a few weeks ago.

241 words . . . is that enough? Can someone ask the Jabbering Fuck if my SEO thingy will get marked-down on this one . . . 'cos I really, really give a shit, but don't tell him I sent you; he'll probably bust a blood vessel. That's 290, no 91, 92 and two . . . no . . . three images? That's got to be enough hasn't it?

Look Ma! I'm king of the Internet! Ff...Shit! Was that an iceberg? What's an iceberg doing in the god-damned Internet!


Andy B said...

You are probably aware of this, but there were crackers with Thunderbirds figures inside. The figures were the same as those given in Kelloggs cereals, but without the wording "Kelloggs". The figure you illustrate looks more flimsy than these, particularly the base.

Hugh Walter said...

Yes Andy! Hence the 'someone else' . . . there was a near full set on evilBay about a year ago, it's lovely, but I've always wondered at the contents, as there are 10 or 12 crackers, but only six or eight (? Someone tell the TJF I do know, just can't be bothered to look two minor facts up for a comment!) figures, yet the box (Tom Smith) shows all the sons?

Where there duplicates or did Tom Smith fill the other crackers with the (also 'for Kellogg's') vehicle kits?


Andy B said...

That I remember- there were duplicate figures (I remember swapping some)

Hugh Walter said...

Yeah! It's a pity they didn't think to just change the base-mark, the 'pilot' sculpt would have done all the brothers! And as kids if it said so-and-so on the base we would have gone along with it!