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Friday, June 8, 2018

A is for A Problem Solved is a Problem . . . err . . . Solved!

I was going through the 'Unknown' dongle the other day, transferring stuff that actually has been ID's to the correct folders on the A-Z dongles, a job I don't do often enough (if I die, someone will go through that dongle saying "But he's ID'd them correctly on his own Blog?"!), and to aid the - ongoing - task, today we're closing the lid on two question marks.

The figures tentatively described by me as "... probably from an 'old fashioned' car, and look to be early British in a chalky brown plastic..." even thought they were included in a couple of articles here and elsewhere on unknown HK motorcycles as being quite similar to another question mark (draws breath...) turn out to be from an 'old fashioned' car[s], and look to be early British in a chalky brown plastic!

So off to Lone Star's folder both these and the older images go! Road-masters; die-cast metal, beautifully made and finished to a standard that holds up next to Corgi, Matchbox or Dinky. And the mystery figures are indeed the driver/passenger of the Ford 'Model T' . . . among others.

Now - I'm hoping this chap may be in the 'Unknown Seated Civilians' box in storage, but he's so similar to the others I suspect not, so there's another figure to find! Driver for a Ford Thunderbird coupe (second time we've had Thunderbirds this week and I'm still typing it Thinderbirds or Thunderbirts!), except . . . is it a UK 'Thunderbird', or has another car been placed in the box, it doesn't look like the huge wallowing American T'birds I used to see at the Guildford cruise? [Google says:-  '55 T-Bird! And possibly ex-/licensed from Tootsitoy?]

The driver gets a second outing with the iconic 1904 Darraq 'Genevieve' from the eponymous  movie, and the backing/shop-display cards of both packagings suggest several other Marques which could be responsible for the black-garbed version of the driver in my collection and the pink (versus grey) highlights of my lady-passenger?

A couple-more shots, not a lot to add; sometimes the lady is driving the Darraq. And - it's nice to finally put the files in the right folder and to label-up their index card correctly. Thanks to Mercator Trading for the photo-opportunity.

The three I have here cropped from the old article's images, there seems to be at least one other pose, a chap in a large bakers cap and long waterproof coat? As I say I may have some in storage, but I don't think so . . . Lone Star (DCMT) . . . Road-masters! Army lorry later!

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