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Friday, June 1, 2018

News, Views Etc . . . Subbuteo in the National Daily's

You probably caught this news item a couple of three weeks ago or so, it made several papers and the broadcast media, but as we had Subbuteo earlier today; now's the time to box-tick the press-release here!

You can read the story - as original - by clicking on the image, but I've converted it into text below for ease:-

Net gains: first
all- ­female
Subbuteo set

By Josie Clarke

The first all-female Subbuteo set
has been launched to reflect the
rapid growth of women’s football
in the-UK.
   The FA and the game’s maker,
Hasbro, revealed the limited
edition version of the table football
game ahead of the SSE Women’s
FA Cup final at Wembley on
Saturday with the figures in
the colours of finalists Arsenal
and Chelsea.
  The FA said the new version
supported its objective to
tackle barriers in the women’s
game. The set includes 22 players
plus substitutes, with their
own characteristics.
  It is not available to buy but it
can be won via FA social channels
in the coming months.
  Hasbro and the FA said that
they were “exploring future
opportunities” to bring out a
commercially available women’s
football set.

Unless you're some sexist old dinosaur it's gott'a be a good-news story, and it'll be twice the number of teams to collect for the Subbuteo completists, and then there's the possibility of fielding a women's team against a men's team and beating them - heh-heh! Or converting them to face-off against Nottingham's Space Marines; Ripley style auto-loaders anyone?!

It should be pointed out that I can't find the competition (to link to) on the FA site, anyone know where it is?


jah said...

Sorry I should of posted earlier to say how glad I am about the fact normal service has returned to Small Scale World. I had sent the boys around to persuade Sir to get his finger out but Hugh s feline assistant scared them off moral being do not send mice to do a mans job.

Hugh Walter said...

I'm not sure anything about Small Scale World is 'normal' Jah!