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Sunday, June 10, 2018

News, Views Etc . . . Toys or Figures in the Media

A round-up of the various toys and figures seen in the media recently, although when I say recently; I've stuff going back to October in the 'News Views' pile, I thought I'd use some of it over Christmas, but with stuff coming in and contributions I never really had time/space, then I did Kinder New Year, 'Thought for the Day' Jan', Toy Fair Feb'/March, and by then the queue was so long everything's on the back burner!

These were on Her Madge's cake when she launched one of our two new Aircraft Carriers, carriers which have already replaced all the others, yet won't have aircraft until . . . err . . . hell freezes over? One of which we were going to share with the French, now we aren't? One of which may get sold as soon as they've finished building it!

Defence procurement in the UK is a joke, but with a cabinet made-up entirely of failed leaders, or failed leadership-bidders, too busy squabbling among themselves about Europe - or leadership - to sort it out, it will stay a joke, and only Putin's laughing.

The Economist in the New Year gave us this meme of a snakes and ladders boardgame board, with the orange brillo-pad anointed one in full 'Fake News' fettle, it's all fake news folks, really, really fake news, so fake, it's so fake!

This is a traditional wooden Christmas tree hanging decoration, but it struck me it's a perfect size for a 15mm war-games village! Murder She Wrote until those T90's pushed through her New Hampshire holiday cabin!

Commonest use of model railway figures, after model railways are these kinds of newspaper background pictures, not the first time we've seen one here at Small Scale World, won't be the last (I have a bunch in the in-storage files), probably Preiser, but could be one of a couple of others?

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