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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

P is for Plunder Posts - 1 - General 'In the Hall' Purchases

I didn't really take any general shots of Sandown last weekend, the show reports don't get terrific traffic, I guess people who were there know, and people who weren't don't want to be reminded of what they missed! I did take a few shots at PW, and some video, but neither are that conclusive of anything, so I may knock something together in a day or two, I may not.

'Plunder Posts' on the other hand always get good traffic, so I'll show you what I took away in my swag-bags on the 12th of last month. Starting with my general purchases around the hall, I suppose I go round about four times, as a 'thorough look', pop back for a few bits and maybe do another row or two on my way back from the gent's or something, or someone may call me over to look at something and I'll check the odd rummage tray on the way back!

There's no rhyme or reason to these pictures, they are just stuff as it was unpacked and made a vague square to photograph! This was mostly rummage-tray stuff I think (and possibly the floor sweepings at the end - next to the 50mm mounted Indian), which got combined into a couple of larger bags, I know I got the submarine from Steve Vickers and I think some of these were from Colin Penn, but I can't name check everyone!

I look at some of it later and wonder "Why?" But rummage trays are like lucky-dips, 'cos you're going through them at speed, and palming things you 'think' are useful on the spur-of-the-moment! The HK scarecrow for instance; I'm sure I've got one already; a better one - and the reissue Charbens knight it hardly a priority, but I didn't have the reissues when I blogged them (not that long ago) so any future box-ticker can - now - be that bit more comprehensive. And - why did I buy the hard, tinny reissue bull, when I have the original!

Odds and sods, literally . . odds & sods! The Hong Kong 5-inch GI is probably the highlight, although I was pleased with the trio of swivel-waisted gunslingers on Hong Kong card from Barney Brown - we actually looked at them a while ago too, but these will be there next time . . . or Rack Toy Month isn't that far-off!

The cripple's crutch is odd, it's cream polystyrene painted silver and may be from an Aurora horror kit, or something like that? It's not Playmobile or anything of that ilk, but could be a doll's thing? It must have been a make-weight in a 20p tray, or off the floor?

The commercial issue of cereal premiums type mini-kits will get their own post, they are quirky and from Italy. A bag of Charbens horse-flesh will prove useful, the pirates will appear fully on TLAPD with a second group I got the same day.

While the large resin lumps? I know, I know . . . I'm not even that big a fan of resin, but they were a bargain from a mate and I may paint them one day? When I used to go to Herne you'd see a lot of this stuff, from these five-inch 'smallies' to figures about three-feet high - or bigger, usually Vikings or Wild West, but from the Beefeater I guess these are a more British thing?

The three Bonux came from Brian C, the two Montaplex from Steve, can't remember where the others came from, we'll look at the tank more closely in another post, while the buildings are Marx Miniature Masterpiece scenic pieces from the Troll Village or Disney's Sleeping Beauty I think, one of those sets?

A youngish guy who's name I didn't catch had these at a pound-a-piece so I made-up a tenner's worth, but he then came over a few minutes later with an 11th - which was kind. Nothing really exciting, but nevertheless useful Giant, Blue Box/Triang-Hornby and Unimax 'army builder' stuff, the 'plane is missing it's nose, but I think I may have some bits in storage, along with a whole BuM one, but this looks to be a Montaplex original - not an easy science?


Jan Ferris said...

What scrumptious booty.

Hugh Walter said...

It'll keep me happy for a while Jan!

But looking around Sandown Park two weeks later, more and more of this stuff is turning up at general toy fairs/shows; as other dealers realise everything has a value!


Brian Carrick said...

I remember those 5" resin figures being advertised in Military Modelling in the mid/late 1980's don't remember the name of the maker but it was an amateur one man band operation (as so many of them were) and it wasn't a commercial success.