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Saturday, May 23, 2020

News, Views Etc . . . Vectis Auctions; Week 22

There are three sales in Northumberland next week, all online only, the first - Wednesday 27th - being another 'Specialist die cast' sale;

Lot 1435

"The specialist Sale to be held on the 27th May starts with The Herefordshire Emergency Vehicle Collection, 186 lots from Neo, Minichamps, Ixo, Rai's, Vanguards, Corgi and many others. The sale continues with Private Owner Collection #1, 106 lots of boxed Lansdowne models. Further items in the sale include WSI Models, Tekno trucks, including Superhero and Picasso paintwork models; Vanguards, Corgi, 1/18th scale models from Minichamps, Auto Art and Sunstar, plus further Lansdowne, Brooklin and mixed modern diecast groups. The sale concludes with 93 lots of slot car Models from Fly Car Model and Fly Car Classic, including boxed sets; Mini Models (UK) Scalex tinplate keyless clockwork cars and a selection of Scalextric cars, including tinplate; parts, track and original technical drawings."

The next day - Thursday 28th - gives us a general toy sale;

Lot 2163

"The General Toy sale to be held on the 28th May features large groups of mixed vintage and modern diecast, including Corgi, Lledo, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, EFE, Solido, Franklin Mint and many more, The sale will also include Corgi Aviation Archive models and other aircraft, Corgi Heavy Haulage, Hauliers of Renown and others, plus Corgi Gift Sets and military models, and a number of Corgi Thunderbirds FAB1 cars. There is a large selection of sports and racing cars from Auto Art and similar, plus Airfix and other kits. The sale also includes a number of books, magazines, comics, soft toys, DVD's and video games, plus posters, prints, football programmes and further general and novelty toys."

While the run finishes on the 29th (Friday, next) with a toy and model trains and railway sale;

Lot 4247

"The Model Train sale to be held on Friday 29th May features OO Gauge British Outline, HO/HOe USA & Continental Outline, N Gauge and Wrenn, plus Triang & Triang Hornby and a Hornby Dublo Single Owner Collection. The Chris Freeman Meccano & Vintage Toy Collection Part II includes Models, Dealers Cabinets, Outfits, Cars, Boats & Aeroplanes, Clockwork & Electric Motors, Parts & Empty Boxes, Magazines, Display & Other Items, plus, Marklin Construction Sets, Marklin Steam, Marklin Constructional Vehicles, Erector Sets , Primus, Structator, Structo, Hornby O Gauge,  and Finescale O Gauge. Further items in the sale include Meccano & Other Constructional Toys, Exley, Live Steam, Gauge 1 & Larger, G Gauge. Hornby, Further and Modern O Gauge, Finescale/Kitbuilt and American Outline O Gauge, plus Railwayana, Books, Magazines, Catalogues & Miscellaneous, Railway Photographs, and our usual good selection of General Trains."

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