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Friday, July 31, 2020

X is for Xavier the Mouse . . . ♪♫♪ Where? There? There on the Stair! ♪♫♫♪

Heh-heay! I found him, and for the second time . . . sort of, but I'll bore you with that story in a minute, I think we've looked at Xandria Holland twice now or three times, and with stuff from Chris, Theo and a recent purchase, we'll be looking at them again soon, but on those previous occasions I mentioned the fact that I had the mouse with the cheese when I was a kid . . .

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. . . and here he is in all his polyvinyl chloride glory!

I can't now remember whether it was aunty Margret or aunty Ruth who gave us these, but one summer's day in the late 1960's or early 1970's we - four middle cousins - all had one, I was given the above, I can't remember which of two my brother had, either the dog tramp (hobo) or the gopher (?) in chef's whites, I suspect he had the tramp, and one of the two cousins' had the chef? I can't remember anything about the fourth?

Anyhoos, we were playing in the bale-stack (as they built them my cousins would leave den's and tunnels hidden in them!) and I must have caught the cheese against some twine, it pulled loose and was gone forever (". . . needle in a . . ." and all that!), only to turn-up in a stiff envelope (no Jiffy back then!) the following winter, after it turned-up in the sweepings at the end of the selling/feeding of bales season!

The two parts hung-around in a drawer for years after, but I hadn't discovered PVC welders in those days, so it went the way of all flesh when we moved-house in 1980. Now he's back and I'm quite pleased to see him! He never had a name, so now he's Xavier - after the maker, because Xandria is a female name apparently! And obviously he's a little mouse with clogs on!


Terranova47 said...

It's memories and associations like this that make sense of toy collecting. Best of all it's NOT Disney.

Hugh Walter said...

Indeed Terra', although I'm afraid Disney muscled-in as they will, see forthcoming post - when I've edited it!